PS4 has "50% more raw power" in graphics than Xbox One, says report

A detailed hardware comparison by Eurogamer has revealed the differences in the GPU (graphical processor units) between the two systems.

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Yi-Long1976d ago (Edited 1976d ago )

... I would still go with the PS4 over the Xbox One, after yesterday's 'reveal' and the last 2-3 years of current-gen, where Sony has shown a dedicated focus on GAMES, while MS were more concerned with Kinect and dashboard apps/ads.

darthv721976d ago

because i like both. It may not be the same for others but this is my choice.

in terms of specs on paper, they rarely translate into real world performance. specs are a guideline that generally gets exceeded by creative programming.

At used to be like that. Have we become so reliant on the specs that we no longer see the creativity involved in making something work? the theoretical power vs the actual results.

We know both are exceedingly powerful in relation to what we have now. the likely hood we will ever truly see each platform hit its respectable ceiling is almost hard to imagine. There will always be better optimizations in the programming to make something look and play better over time than it did when it first came out.

we have seen that trend since console gaming began over 30 years ago. the evolution within a platform from its inception to its demise has grown every time. We may not see these changes as obvious as they once were but its going to be the things we dont see that will stand out.

graphical fidelity has long been used to gauge the visual presentation. But we are at a point where the eyes cant tell anymore so its all the smaller details that will be the main focus for making the games more enriching.

We have seen the effect of making the car models in GT5 and Forza 4 more realistic. The smooth surfaces and detail on the body and while we will get the 1080p view of things moving forward, its all the smaller details we will start to notice now. Like the treads in the tires and the particles in the air and smoke dissipation will be more natural now.

The hardware really helps to make all that possible but the real talent for making it possible is the programmers themselves. What each platform is looking to achieve is increasing the amount of workspace that the developers can use. Knowing the current limits of things has been quadrupled opens up the possibilities for more deep and involved games.

There will be those who can use these new toys better than others but overall we should see some really great effort in the coming years.

ZodTheRipper1976d ago

"The hardware really helps to make all that possible but the real talent for making it possible is the programmers themselves."

Unfortunately, Microsoft almost hasn't any of those so your argument is invalid. I can't understand how anyone could buy BOTH consoles. It would have been stupid (at least in most cases) this gen and will be stupid next gen, even if you have too much money. Going with Nintendo as a secondary console is something completely different though.

Maddens Raiders1976d ago (Edited 1976d ago )

"Have we become so reliant on the specs that we no longer see the creativity involved in making something work?"

I'm sorry but I saw no creativity penned up and ready to burst out of the XBOX1. All I saw were rich corporate Aholes schmoozing, winking, and rubbing elbows with other corporate Ahole partners. You could almost see the dollar signs pop out and hover above their heads in anticipation of the upcoming "bounty" they will bring in from the under-educated and ill-informed.

I know we're not supposed to judge a book by it's cover and maybe MS will burst out w/ 8-15 totally new unheard of exclusives at E3 however unlikely, but tell me who you're friends with and I'll tell you who you are.

blackbeld1976d ago


Why buy both?

If you want a hardcore machine and a soft one its more logical to buy;

PS4 and WiiU

KwietStorm1976d ago

I choose PS4, because at this moment in time there is nothing coming from Microsoft that makes me *want* a XB1, not least of which having to pay for multiplayer. On the other hand, Sony seems to have "fixed" every single issue that people had with the PS3, and their first party studios have that exact talent that you were referring to. Microsoft's showing yesterday was an embarrassment, and I will wait til E3 for a "real" showing, but as of right now, all I see is PS4.

darthv721976d ago

It's my thing. i have always bought the platforms within a console generation. I may not start with all of them at the same time but by the end of that gen i have them.

It was like that with the 8 and 16bit days. Then the saturn and ps1 and n64. DC, PS2, GC, xbox etc... its just my thing. I know the majority of games are 3rd party and will be available on multiple systems. But there are just some games you cant play any other way than by having the platform its for.

Its not the same for others and i can respect that.

@madden...thats the thing with creativity, it doesnt come from the system. it comes from within the developers.

ShinMaster1976d ago (Edited 1976d ago )

as a gamer.
How can people be so loyal and so blind. It makes no sense to me.

* Pay to play used/rented/borrowed games otherwise blocked.
* Still pay to play online and access features free elsewhere.
* No bundled headset.
* No backwards compatibility with 360 games.
* Online DRM checks every 24hrs.
* Mandatory installs.
* Always-on Kinect.
* It's a voice-command TV remote with sports and other entertainment apps and less focus on games with...
* ...only 5Gbs of RAM allotted for games, whereas PS4 has 8GBs all unified towards games.

Unless you REALLY love Halo, Gears, Forza and early COD DLC. Otherwise, it is illogical.

NewMonday1976d ago

I predicted the PS4 advantage would be about 50% over the XB1 a few days ago.

IMOO the XB1 not only lost to the PS4, it lost to the WiiU as a core gaming platform.

kreate1976d ago

wouldn't the xbox one still sell pretty well in America since they got the timed exclusive call of duty?

I thought I heard cod is timed exclusive to the xbox one? along with exclusive dlcs?

sengoku1976d ago

AnandTech have posted up a good article about it. it's comprehensive and unbiased article so read and take away what you like.

personally i will be onboard the PS4 as it's all i care about.

BrianC62341976d ago

You can bet there will be a big difference this time. At least Sony's games will look a lot better. Hopefully we don't have to go through the same crap we did this generation where companies want all games to look the same. Most third party games should have looked better than they did on the PS3.

jmc88881976d ago

Actually you're wrong about 'the hardware'.

The hardware has been available for coders to work on for years.

1.2 TFlops is midrange 2010 stuff. You know like what a $200-300 gpu cost that year.

Thus the hardware doesn't make it possible, because its already been possible, and whats possible out there is far stronger than the xbox one or even the PS4.

iloveallgames1976d ago

I was as disappointed in the xbox reveal as anyone and Microsoft has really seemed to move away from what I value as a gamer in the last number of years.

Having said that, the clock hasn't been revealed yet. The PS4 has 18 compute units running at 800Mhz and the xbox does indeed have half as many compute units but it's possible that they are running at a faster clock. It is even possible that the clock could be as high as 1200Mhz (50% faster) which would give it the exact same performance in teraflops as the ps4. PC overclockers commonly jack up the clock well past this and pictures do show that the new xbox has a giant fan and heatsink. Just saying it's possible.

buynit1976d ago


Let me confuse you a little more.. I will own all 3!

Why? because i have a job that gives me that luxry but most importantly i dont want to miss any great exclusives from any of the 3 and believe it or not sony isnt the only one with great exclusives, i know its hard to take in... But its true. And i will also have the option of going with the better version of multiplats that will most likely be most of my library anyway.

You see it as stupid... I see it as the hardcore gamer you claimed to be the other day..

cosmoracer1976d ago (Edited 1976d ago )

I have both a PS3 and 360 now. I will get both consoles, but just like I did before, I will buy one at launch and the other after several price drops. I know that 50% more graphical power sounds like a lot, but in reality, it is getting harder and harder to see a difference every time the graphics power doubles. Hence, I really don't think the two will look that much different. I am kinda leaning toward the Xbox One, simply because I think that in the end I will use it a lot more. It's kinda funny how much I use my 360 for everything, but my PS3 is just for a few of their IPs and blue ray. I use the 360 for everything else. I guess I just like the interface and the overall user experience better.

Honestly, I think the PS4 is looking like a better gaming machine (the one you date), but, with all the extra features and total integration, Xbox is the one that will give the best experience (the one you want to marry). I consider myself a gamer, but I also like movies, social, TV... I think Xbox one's real advantage is the multitasking capabilities. I think this will be unappreciated by hardcore gamers, but for normal gamers and regular people- using a PS4 will frustrate the heck out of you after having the multitasking convenience of xbox.

I realize we haven't got all the details on each system, so my analysis may be premature... but it's my 2 cents...

DarkBlood1976d ago

But its privacy invasion @darth

-the whole used game fee issue

-always on once every 24 hours might as well be whole way wit that tactic

-it cant function with out the kinect and its always going to be on even in standby

im going to miss out on potiental exclusives like a lost odyssy sequal or blue dragon 2 and halo 5 which i would pick up the xbox one by then

but no not when its implementing those negatives i listed, and you mean to say your going to support what is apparently restrictive and invasive product by getting one?

i still respect you because of your past comments are professional but by buying into this you are supporting and giving others nasty ideas to one up us consumers across other platforms leaving Sony

*providing they dont allow the used blocking scenario to happen on any game exclusive and multiplat* to trust beside Nintendo which i know they wont tolerate this nonsense

Aghashie1976d ago

I respect your effort to write such a long comment. But to be honest, I am not reading it. Just too long!

I didnt agree or desagree w u.

Next time keep it short pal! If u r gonna write something long, then make it funny. Otherwise it will just bore me.

insomnium21976d ago

@vulcanproject's comment

"You could build a game for Xbox one, and it'll port fairly simply straight to PS4 and run faster, guaranteed.

Just like that.

Very little stands in the way of PS4 dominating every single multi platform game on console, no matter which system developers lead on. "

You know MS can simply demand that games are equal on XB1 and PS4 or they are not allowed on their platform right? It is a BS move but hey this is MS we are talking about BS is their second nature. First even.

Lone_Man1976d ago

so much thinking/writing just to get stomp by disagreers

Psn8001976d ago

If he want's to get both let him but I think he would be better off getting the one console the ps4 but it's his money he is wasting not ours each to there own .

darthv721975d ago

I think that's the most disagrees i have ever gotten in my time on this site.

Not that I'm trying to achieve that but just... wow.

psyxon1975d ago

lol. by both he means xbox one, but can't admit it.

DatNJDom811975d ago

Wow look at all the m$ fans STILL DEFENDING xbox. What other evidence do you need??? I've been marked for trolling and banned so many times for saying that m$ was never really about gaming. It kind of feels good to say I told you so. But even with the overwhelming evidence, they STILL DEFEND it! I....... I just dont know what else to say.......

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StraightPath1976d ago

welcome to true next gen. THE PS4. Sheeps will only buy the pathetic Xbox one.

Thefreeman0121976d ago

How bout you give the console a chance at e3 before you sit on your high ps4 horse, its tiring of reading all the fanboy comments around here

xursz1976d ago

This is so obvious trolling.

grimmweisse1976d ago

At least try if you're attempting to flamebait!

Braid1976d ago


52 agrees over only 1 disagree... Seems like even Xbox fans can't argue with what you said (which is indeed true).

Yi-Long1976d ago (Edited 1976d ago )

... hell, I still love my original Xbox and 360.

However, I'm a GAMING fan, so I'm ALSO a PS3 fan, and a Nintendo fan, and a Sega fan. And PC. And Android. I don't care who makes it or on what system. I just want good games to enjoy.

Which is exactly why I complain when they do stupid things. And so should every gamer!

When Nintendo releases a sub-par next-gen console which they hope will sell on an expensive gimmick, but doesn't have proper 3rd party support, we SHOULD moan.

When Sega makes a longgggggg list of bad decisions, ever since the MegaCD and X32, we SHOULD complain.

When Capcom is nickel-and-diming us through DLC-milking, and releasing lazy HD-ports, we SHOULD complain.

When Sony comes up with expensive memorycards and 1-account-per-Vita crap, we SHOULD complain.

And when MS announces all this crap we learned about yesterday, we absolutely SHOULD complain.

It's not about being a fan, or about being a fanboy. It's about being a gamer!

And not just that. It's about being a loyal consumer who should be treated right by those we look towards to, and trust with, providing us with entertainment for years to come, at reasonable conditions.

Yi-Long1976d ago

.... we absolutely NEED to vote with our wallets!!!

DRM? No buy!
Lazy Port? No buy!
DLC-milking? No buy!
No games? No buy!
Poor hardware? No buy!
Ridiculous pricing? No buy!

Etc etc etc.

Don't give these companies, developers, publishers, whatever, your money, when you don't agree with what they're doing!

Belasco1976d ago

Nope, we just don't feel it's worth arguing about. We just sit back and watch the Sony circle jerk for entertainment. The MS lynchin' has truly reached an absurd level here on N4G.

Yi-Long1976d ago

... also, it must be kinda hard to argue about anything, when you've only got 1 bubble.... ;)

MysticStrummer1976d ago

"The MS lynchin' has truly reached an absurd level here on N4G."

Wake up and take a look around the internet. There are many longtime MS supporters who were unhappy with the One reveal. It's not confined to N4G and it's not just Sony fans.

Elit3Nick1976d ago

@Yi-Long He has one bubble because not being anything else than a ps fanboy gets all your bubbles taken... Can we all be civilized enough to wait till e3 before we say anything, most of the stuff people are saying the xbox has is not even confirmed yet, even the ddr3 ram is not confirmed. It's been only a day that the x1 was unveiled and yet suddenly that instantly dictates which one you're getting...

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starchild1976d ago (Edited 1976d ago )

Yeah, I agree. The PS3 offered more this generation. Especially the second half of the generation when Microsoft started really slacking on new exclusives.

The really interesting thing about the PS4 is that I see even some PC gamers like myself switching over to the PS4 as their main platform simply because the PS4 has such a power advantage over the Xbox One that multiplats will likely enjoy a high degree of polish and fidelity, leaving the PC versions only marginally better (and requiring a powerful PC rig to achieve even that).

Sony knocked it out of the ballpark with the PS4. It is the best designed console I have personally ever seen. The PS4 is absolutely going to dominate and define this upcoming generation.

malokevi1976d ago

Wait until E3. Check out the GT.TV interview from the postshow with Don Mattrick.

Games = E3. Prepare to be blown away.

Besides, the XBone's dash/app/media features are insane. Not to mention instant switching between applications and games, constant matchmaking, and epic server support.

Persistent world MMOFPS is about to be redefined. Finally we will see games on the same scale as Huxley fully realized.

I'm excited.

showtimefolks1976d ago


i agree the track record speaks for itself, MS was all about core gamers for first 3-4 years than they saw wii doing gangbusters numbers and totally forgot about their core fanbase

but you know what i see some people defending MS saying we want another halo,forza gears etc, so i guess more power to you if you want the same games every year.

i am at a point in my life where i don't have a lot of time for gaming, so as of right now not even sure i will buy ps4 at launch, but whenever i buy a next gen console it will be a ps4 and that's just because i know what to expect from sony games wise

ajacinto1976d ago

Me too, but I think that maybe Microsoft is saving the big stuff for E3.

JsonHenry1976d ago

I will probably end up with both. But unless they change something at E3 I can see that my PS4 will see much more usage than the xbox1.

linkenski1975d ago

The world agrees with you except for 14 microsoft employees.

TheSurg1975d ago

It's about innovation and that's what MS trying to do right now. I was expecting sony to do more than just throw in more than refreshing the specs. If I want pure power I got my PC for that, and that power can't be matched by any of the consoles. If I want innovation I go for consoles but it seems sony forgot about innovation.

xXxSeTTriPxXx1975d ago

This has to be the stupidest shit I've heard all week.

ASH_ufo1975d ago

casualation you need...

marcin5511972d ago

can't believe they put that on the market this xbox sucks btw here are the comparisons of the consoles and pc http://2be0df96.tubeviral.c... sorry for ad

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ThatCanadianGuy5141976d ago

Solid facts.

If nextbox is rocket science then PS4 must be surpassing inter-planetary fusion power

LOL_WUT1976d ago

I'm not surprised when it comes to hardware Sony always delivers. ;)

Whether people like to admit it or not we will see a LEAP in graphics mark my words.

cyhm31121976d ago

yes, but just on PS4. On Xbox One, you will see a slight better graphics at 1080p 30fps, or current gen graphics at 1080p at 1080p 60fps.

hellvaguy1976d ago

"I'm not surprised when it comes to hardware Sony always delivers. ;)"

Wasn't the ps2 weaker than the original xobx, had no Ethernet port, or included hard drive as the xbox did? Why yes, yes it's true. Lol careful when you say always.

BlackTar1871976d ago (Edited 1976d ago )


Xbox came out later though. yes a year later i think

Count1976d ago

Like we saw a leap in graphics between the Xbox360 and Ps3? Get real.

Expect the same. Negligible difference in graphics.

FlyingFoxy1976d ago

Blacktar, Dreamcast also came out much earlier than PS2 but still had the visual capability of most of its games.

NobodyImportant1976d ago


"I'm not surprised when it comes to hardware Sony always delivers. ;) "

Is the winky emoticon because you're joking? PS1 was complete sh1te compared to the N64 (no alaising, no MIP mapping) and although the PS2 could crunch some numbers Gamecube games generally looked better. RE4 on GC was significantly better looking despite the PS2 version coming out well after the Nintendo version.

People forget that before the utter dogsh1t Wii and Wii U Nintendo used to make awesome consoles.

It's only the PS3 that was the most powerful of its generation.
But it looks like history is going to repeat itself with the PS4. Which I'm perfectly happy with. I'm sensible enough to spend my money on the better product. Hence why I own a PS3 and I'll be buying a PS4 day one.

But those of you older than 15 should remember your gaming history.
PS1 had awesome games that were super easy to pirate. That's what made it popular. But like the Wii it wasn't a good piece of hardware. The N64 absolutely destroyed it specs wise. Especially when you upgraded it with more ram. Check out the original Rogue Squadron vs anything on the PS1.

TheSurg1975d ago

Why do you all care only about specs (which don't yet proove that ps4 is faster, smart architecture can win againt good parts)??

If you want a best buy a PC and and you will have better graphics in Crysis 1 than XBOX ONE and PS4 will ever have. Sony and MS should try to innovate the way we play, not just refresh specs every once in a while.

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Enemy1976d ago

Here, have a bub, DayZ.

Sarobi1976d ago

I'll take AnandTech's word on this, since they seem to be more credible in this field.

OldSchoolGamer1976d ago

Went back and watched the PS3 reveal and I must say depending on price Sony has a convert in me. Haven't been this excited for a console in a long time. Unless Microsoft blows me away with games at E3, I am leaning strongly PS3.

sway_z1976d ago

There is nothing..and I mean nothing any Xbox fan can say about PS4 or the Wii U after that awful X1 reveal...

It's quite simply indefensible...yeah, sure we'll all wait for E3 for MS to prove us all wrong many E3's do they need??

Xbox N(one) of my money next gen!

OldSchoolGamer1976d ago

Sorry PS4, too used to last gen. Maybe I'm getting too old school. Lol. If you check my history though I was a stern defender of the 360 so, if I'm any indicator Microsoft needs to wake up.

malokevi1976d ago (Edited 1976d ago )

"how many E3's do they need?"

Just one. ;)

The reveal was not about games. That was pretty clear. Don Mattrick said it himself before and after the event.

The reveal was hard to swallow for gamers, but I think after E3 everybody will be much more at ease. It's going to be a great show, and we will finally fully understand what both Sony and Microsoft are bringing to the table.

Sony's machine might be more capable in terms of graphics, but I can imagine Microsofts online capabilities will be a huge draw. I want to see the meaning of "persistent world MMOFPS" redefined... Like Huxley was supposed to be. Finally something on that scale is within reach.

In any case, I'll be happy with the outcome. I'm already sold on both consoles.

Lovable1976d ago

Dayummmm man you're one generation too late.

OldSchoolGamer1976d ago

Lol sorry used to last gen. Replace all PS3 with PS4.

b-real1976d ago (Edited 1976d ago )

Sorry, not trolling here (promise)

Can you tell me what was so great about the PS4 reveal? I am generally interested - as I was disappointed in it - yet the sentiment on this site was SO overwhelmingly positive I MUST be missing something. Not that this site is any indicator of the success of a future product (the same sentiment was expressed for the PS Vita - and we all know how that turned out)

Yes they showed more of their exclusive game line up, and also a ton of 3rd parties that will also be coming to X1 -but what separates this console? What are its unique features? Bearing in mind that Microsoft has YET to show its exclusive game line up - reserving that to E3, so games is not really an answer).

cedaridge1976d ago

For me Sony admitted their mistake with the cell and then went to developers and asked "what system do you want us to make!" Now I think it's cool they admit they were wrong and thats why im getting the ps4. Now I love my ps3 but i'm bout to have true next gen Exclusive games and not worry bout my multiplat games taken a hit, cause its too hard to program for. my 2 cents! psn:cedaridge / xbl: Mr. Skittles405

The_Troll_Whisperer1976d ago

The PS4 included lots of games, majority being in-game footage. Not trailers. The Xbox One showed the exact opposite. Two exclusives, both trailers, and pre-rendered CGI. And the PS4 reveal sucked, but shines when compared to THIS. N4G used to be pro-Xbox(ahem, 2009), but we have realized how bad we got screwed over, so we switched to Sony. The PS Vita has sold 5 million, WAAY more powerful than the 3DS, and has FULL compatibility with PS4 games. PS Vita turned out great so far. I don't know what your problem is. The PS4 got way more tech specs, exclusive DLC > timed DLC, showed more games, didn't waste peoples time with TV and APPS bulcrap, and more games. And they STILL have alot more to announce, so "saving the games for E3" is just an excuse so people don't realize that their "major games" are Kinect BS.

Why PS4 stands out? LETS GET STARTED!

No used game fee
More powerful
More Indie support
Headset included
Rchargeable controllers
3rd Party console of choice
8 GB of unified pool of GDDR5 RAM >>> 5 GB of CPU-to-GPU GDDR3 RAM
Free access to online service
No mandatory installs
PS Eye is NOT always on
No 24 Hour DRM checks