Rockstar slow to release in-game GTA IV screens

Twenty new screenshots for the highly anticipated Grand Theft Auto IV were released on Thursday, but with less than six weeks until release, in-game action screens are strangely still missing.

The newly released screens by way of the game's official website seemingly depict cut sequences only, as have other images released so far.

"The graphics in-game are hot," comments senior GamePro editor Chris Morell, "so I'm not sure what's up."

Indeed, several recent previews have noted the more realistic-looking visuals of IV when compared to previous Grand Theft Auto games.

It is common practice in the video game industry to promote the best-looking game shots, which are almost always pre-rendered cut scenes. Though usually, in-game shots are also released as a game's launch date nears.

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xenophage3866d ago

Yes.. I whole heartedly agree.. When the fk are they going to show an in game screenshot??

BigBoy20003866d ago

that Rockstar knows that everyone and their dog wants this game. So why give too much of the game away? In one month we're all going to be able to experience this game, which includes seeing it in all its glory for the first time instead of through little screen shots online.

For me personally, it just makes me want to get my hands on the game even more!

SUP3R3866d ago (Edited 3866d ago )

They don't need to release in-game screenshots.
You'll get all the in-game shots and videos when the reviews are out, which is before it goes retail anyway.

I won't be spoiling my experience. I'm waiting til' I have the game for my own to see and feel the gameplay for myself.

If every journalist has praised the game in their previews, I don't need any more convincing. I'm buying it knowing I'll be satisfied whether or not I saw gameplay prior to release.

chaosatom3333866d ago

um for starters there is going to a flame war claiming that it's the 360 or the ps3 version and say somthing like "they always are going to show the 360 version because ps3 is not able to run the game yet" blah blah and blah.

Lets save that screenshots after we get the game because then I can play gtaiv, while people argue which one is better.

deadpreacher3866d ago (Edited 3866d ago )

I was talking to afew friends the other day about this. Its so close and we aint getting anything on this game really (Videos,Pics). We all agreed if there aint nothing more on it by the end of the month. There is a delay coming! Its just to big of a game to be seating silent like this so close to luanch unless there is a delay coming.

SUP3R3866d ago

Yeeeaaahhhhh.....I wouldn't put my money on that assumption.

deadpreacher3866d ago

Im not yet, but if the past is to be looked at every game that has done this before has been delayed. Its just talk nothing more than that.

xbox360achievements3866d ago

Rockstar have always been like this with their GTA games. Nothing new here, just same old Rockstar.

Homicide3866d ago

They just don't want to upset the xbots. Rockstar knows the PS3 version is superior.

iAmPS33866d ago

PS3 version would have been 10x better if Nazisoft hasn't payed 50 MILLION DOLLARS to Rockstar dumb down the PS3 version.

I don't really blame them cause otherwise 360 would've sold 50k copies.

Gorgon3866d ago (Edited 3866d ago )

"in-game action screens are strangely still missing."

What's missing is IN-GAME VIDEOS. I've been complaining about that for ages in these forums.

EDIT: funny, someone here doesn't like in-game videos. You can always choose not to see them in that case.

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The story is too old to be commented.