S. Florida man set house on fire after stealing Xbox video game consoles

Xuecast reports that Osmani Disotuar, a 20 year old Davie man was spotted and caught by the police when he was behind shrubbery trying to hide the stuffs that he had stolen from a mobile home or trailer not far away.

Disotuar had broke into the mobile home around midday through a window and managed to take an original Xbox and Xbox 360 video game consoles, and then he set the mobile home on fire, apparently in an attempt to hide his crime.

When the nearby residents spotted the mobile home on fire, they called the police which led to Disotuar's arrest, and he now faces theft and arson charges.

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Homicide3866d ago

Thats BS. The RROD burned the house down.

oktobeme3866d ago

He was a PS fanboy wanting to upgrade to a 360. LOL!!