Nintendo could be trying to help SEGA save the Sonic franchise

Pure Nintendo: "Sega has not had very much luck with the Sonic franchise when it comes to down to their platforming games. If Sega were to ask anyone for help with a Sonic platforming game, Nintendo would be the best choice. Nintendo has quite clearly made some of the best platformers in the history of video games. Could Nintendo actually be helping Sega revamp the Sonic platformer?"

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skipper3592d ago

Sega and Nintendo are a great pair. It is possible. Who would have thought 15 years ago something like this could even be possible.

PopRocks3593592d ago

Certainly not me! But I don't mind; like with any fierce rivalry, a greatest adversary can become your strongest (and strangest) ally.

Considering Sega's track record is similar to Nintendo's with software content (though with a little more edge to it) this is a match made in heaven if you ask me.

Neonridr3592d ago

I am still all in favour of Nintendo purchasing SEGA and finally marrying the two companies together. Imagine some of the incredible in house talent Nintendo has, give them a franchise like Sonic, and it could be a dream come true.

CouldHaveYelledUiiW3592d ago (Edited 3592d ago )

"Interesting" @skipper and @Neonridr

It would suck for a bunch of people who love SEGA but want XB1 and PS4.

Still- I would love to see these companies join forces just to see want would arise.

Not only that but the game production ability would be so much higher.

Also, Nintendo could look through the back catalogue and resurrect some franchises to fill-out its roster.

A List of Sega's Franchises Below:

kirbyu3592d ago

I'd rather see them buy Rareware.

lilbroRx3592d ago

New Rare is not the old Rare that made Goldeneye and DK 64. Most of them left to form Free Radical and they died trying to sell out to Sony at the beginning of the PS3's life cycle just like Factor 5.

thezeldadoth3592d ago

Only if it means they get banjo kazooie back.

Nintendo controlling sonic would add another AAA franchise into gaming. If they made shenmue 3 that would also be amazing.

CouldHaveYelledUiiW3592d ago

There was an article out that stated that Nintendo had tried to get Banjo and Kazooie back-

But I'm not sure if it was just a rumor or not.

The article was out 2 months ago I think.

jetlian3592d ago (Edited 3592d ago )

Nintendo doesn't have the talent to make a good sonic game. Nintendo games are never fast paced when compared to sonic.

Wheres an evolved zelda or pokemon? Could you imagine a arena fighter with pokemon shoo I would be all over that. Instead we get the same games in all their series

millzy1023592d ago

so you never played pokemon stadium, that's the game you want, but yes a new stadium would be nice, oh f zero and wave race 2 fast paced Nintendo titles. do people forget there is more than zelda, Mario and pokemon that Nintendo own,

jetlian3592d ago

Oh yea right a racing game that's fast!!! Not, sonic is a platformer with speed. Pokemon stadium isn't even close to my vision.

Im talking realtime combat pokemon.

thezeldadoth3592d ago

i enjoyed the very first sonic games where there was more to it than speed. The platforming elements were awesome, it wasn't all about going extremely fast.

Even though i did enjoy sonic rush on DS, which was primarily about going fast and staying accurate.

Triforce0793591d ago

U just failed with that comment m8 Nintendo havn't got the talent yeah right they have the biggest geeks in the industry working there and i'm talking the best.

jetlian3591d ago

yea maybe in nintendo la la land!!! when they start making adult level games call me. They haven't progress any 3d games since 96.

zelda has been the same since its creation. wood sword to master, same with shield! slingshot to grapple hook, red,green,blue tunics.

Nobody said they don't hve talent just not in certain areas. Could Michael jordan beat berry bonds hell no so don't waste peoples time with your bs response

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NYC_Gamer3592d ago

That idea would suck for those of us who enjoy Relic& Creative Assembly software

TheMutator3592d ago


PigPen3592d ago

That's true but I would rather they reunite Lucas Arts and bring them onboard. Even without the Star Wars license they can make something great. A new Nintendo owned 1st party title with concepts from Star Wars.

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RTheRebel3592d ago

Picture brings a tear to my eyes =)
Super Mario Universe X Sonic

pr0t0typeknuckles3592d ago

wii u system seller right here.

kirbyu3592d ago

I wonder if this partnership means Sonic will be returning in SSB4.

pr0t0typeknuckles3592d ago

most likely,heck if he wasnt id be shocked.

kirbyu3592d ago

But the question is, will the partnership be that long.

WPX3592d ago

Well, if F-Zero GX(my personal best racer ever) is any indication, then YES please!!
MOAR collaboration please!

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