RPG Gamer: The World Ends With You Preview

RPG Gamer writes: "With nary a word of challenge, The World Ends With You (formerly known as It's a Wonderful World) strides confidently into the back alley connecting action games with quirky RPGs. Although it's the new kid in town, its urban Japanese pedigree suggests style familiar to fans of other offbeat titles. The ghost of Parappa the Rapper floats above The World Ends With You, blessing its worldly beats and frenetic character design. Jet Grind Radio's touch can be seen in the clothing design along with a contemporary twist on the flap-and-strap aesthetics of the Kingdom Hearts series. The latter should come as no surprise, as Tetsuya Nomura is the lead designer behind both properties. This time around he doesn't dip quite as far into the realm of the fantastic, instead choosing to spray an extra layer of vitality over the world that already exists."

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