Five Things Wrong With Nintendo

"The Nintendo Wii is by far one of the biggest surprise stories of gaming. From its unconventional name to its even more unconventional control scheme, few people believed that the console would take off. Fast forward 18 months in the future and the Wii is arguably the most successful system to come out this generation. Despite all the good things that the Wii has accomplished, that doesn't free it from its faults."

The article touches on:
-Online features
-Game Quality Standards
-New Franchises
-Focusing on the Control Scheme
-Supply Issues

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Iceman100x3958d ago

If there is anything that is wrong with nintendo it's the fact that they don't capitalize on somethings they have to improve what they could be bringing in sales wise. For instance when they brought out the virtual console it should have had newer options for players that wanted to play someone head to head online in some older nintendo games that weren't possible before, and next the online service could be better to cater to people who want to organize they own matches etc with little or no problems. Lastly the games even though it's only been out a year i think they could put a bit more effort into creating these games, so they don't look like straight ports or worse.

dannyhinote_133957d ago

Nintendo has put plenty of effort in their own titles. 3rd parties need to pick up the slack.

Panthers3957d ago

They are the same titles that have come out over and over again. I dont really call that putting effort into them.

dannyhinote_133957d ago

Have you played Super Mario Galaxy, Panthers?

KeiZka3957d ago

Yes, let's bash Nintendo for using their IP, shall we? At the same time, heavens forbid, we may not bash other game series suffering from sequelitis, like God of War, soon Gears of War, Halo, Ratchet & Clank etc...

Say what you will about there being a thousand Mario games, but all of them aren't platformers, now are they?

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Alcaponeyou3957d ago

ever since it changed it's name from revolution

Spinner3957d ago

Why is this toy on News4GAMERS?

xionpunk3957d ago

I agree with danny up there that its the 3rd parties that drag the big N down. But also, i couldn't ever see myself buying a wii since it lacks any mature style games... but then again I guess I'm not part of their target audience.

iamtehpwn3957d ago

A Harddrive,
a Headset
and a more stable online experience (including riding of friends codes. I mean Jesus Christ, if you're not gonna get rid of them you can at least just make it UNIFIED friends codes. I.E. Just your System-friends code)

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