Xbox One won’t include chat headset

The new Xbox One console will not include a chat headset in the box. Instead the Kinect sensor will be used for voice-chat during multiplayer games and other spoken uses including Skype.

In an interview Microsoft’s Chief Product Officer, Mark Whitten, was asked: "Do you feel that the new Kinect sensor replaces the headset in terms of multiplayer chat or why aren’t you including a headset?”

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russy914015d ago

well this puts me off buying my new astros untill iknow i can use them

Typical-Guy4015d ago (Edited 4015d ago )

Because they want you to use Kinect, I had high hopes for the system it's nothing but a disaster. It's clear now who cares much about HARDCORE gamers, yes it's the one and only .... !

Axonometri4015d ago (Edited 4015d ago )

Agreed. Read below. It's so clear, they want to push what they want us to have.

MasterCornholio4015d ago

Because they have Kinect which contains a mic.

Hufandpuf4015d ago

Have they dealt with the problem of people saying "Xbox, Off" online. I'd figure that'd be a huge problem.