The Worst Street Fighter Characters Ever

Games Radar will be honest - most of these characters are from the Street Fighter III series. The games introduced a 12-year-old's sketch book worth of extraordinarily absurd bogeymen and they will never forgive them. Okay, maybe they will, but they are still going to point and laugh.

Of course, not all of Capcom's bizarre deviations occurred in SF III - there's plenty of awful character design in the series to ridicule, and Games Radar have collected the best of the worst for you to peruse.

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SeanScythe4840d ago

Nothing is as stupid as the wrestler that is being added to IV. That's just retarded.

Sayai jin4840d ago

Most of those looked ridiculous, but Krin was alright.

toughluck4840d ago

Urien and Gill are completely ridiculous.

LJWooly4840d ago

The banana hammock never failed to make me giggle :)

Marceles4840d ago

Aww they put Yun on the list...I would've put Yang on the list over Yun

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