Xbox One To Become More Powerful Over Time

Today at Microsoft's Xbox One architecture and hardware panel, Microsoft technical executives elaborated and expanded on how the new console will interact with and be improved by cloud computing.

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THamm2028d ago

That was a first positive in a unbelievable amount of negatives

turnerdc2028d ago (Edited 2028d ago )

Here's another one for you. The possibility that all multiplayer games have dedicated servers...

"...stable, dedicated servers for every multiplayer game rather than the notoriously fragile practice of hosting matches on one participant’s console..."

Jek_Porkins2028d ago

The controller's D-pad that was designed by gamer's, for gamer's is also positive news in my opinion.

THamm2028d ago

Yes imagine skyping while playing NBA 2K lag free

brish2028d ago


'Cloud' is just a way of saying network service.

Any device attached to a network can take advantage of the 'Cloud' to enhance functionality. An example is a ps3 can't store thousands of movies but using a psn account you can get access to thousands of movies. This isn't some unique feature of the next xbox it's something every networked device can do now. It's something the current xbox 360 can do now!


Any console can have dedicated servers for multiplayer. While some people call the practice of peer to peer networking fragile there is also a problem with dedicated servers. If their capacity isn't enough people can't play the games they purchase. Look at Simcity, Diablo III, problems for examples of dedicated servers preventing people from playing the games they purchase. Peer to peer isn't perfect but either are dedicated servers. The ps3, and xbox 360 can do both models now.

Conan-O-Brady2028d ago

Another positive spin piece from IGN. Where have they been for most of this current gen?.....MS's back

Damage control in full effect.......


LoveOfTheGame2028d ago (Edited 2028d ago )

You have nothing better to do, than to go into each Xbox article and spam the exact same thing?

I guess if Sony had better games you wouldn't need to be on here all the time.

Edit: Before anyone blows there lid I actually like PS4's games, just calling the kid pathetic.

JackBNimble2028d ago

If Sony had better games?

Nice little edit there ... are you scared you'll lose some bubbles?

rainslacker2027d ago

There's nothing wrong with reporting the good along with the bad. X1 could use a little positive news right now. IGN has had critical articles as well, and their post-show analysis raked MS over the coals. Even Peter Molyneux was like WTF was that.

greenpowerz2028d ago (Edited 2028d ago )

Negatives are exaggerated.

People seen new hardware actually working with wildly impressive Kinect tech and crazy services and features with the promise of the most games in xbox history with a taste of a New IP and Forza. That's all rational gamers see the other post reveal stuff is just annoying. Negative stuff is just noise. The other reveal didn't even show a console or games running on it.

A console without static console hardware limitations makes spec wars pointless. This console will be on another performance level. It won't be Xbox One vs PS4 versions, it will be Xbox One version vs PC version every year for a over a decade long after PS4 and Wii U max out.

Hell we still don't even know how powerful MSFT's custom chipsets are locally on the Xbox One(yeah Yeah speculation on Neogaf). A MSFT dude said with Azura cloud computing, the Xbox hardware is only used to deal with the streaming with the computing going on in crazy powerful servers/PC

People have misunderstood what MSFT is doing they are making a BIG an BOLD bet on the multi hardware console design. Console generations will be longer and age much slower.

CynicalKelly2028d ago

That is what I have been thinking. Sony are great with games and will make some great exclusives, sure. But Microsoft gave us a blu ray and decent specs to compete with PS4.

Just because it's multimedia doesn't mean it's not about gaming. All the negativity seems to be highly exaggerated.

Sure Sony is more about games but Microsoft have been clear about where they were going to go and it looks to me, like it does do it all.

DoesUs2028d ago

People in the know, like me already know, which I've been more than happy to share but as long as your cheques from MS keep clearing, I guess you'll be backing the inferior spec'd machine, which sadly for you is the swanky new Xbox One (tm).

2028d ago
dontbhatin2028d ago (Edited 2028d ago )

@ greenpowerz

"The other reveal didn't even show a console or games running on it."

Uhm what "other" reveal are you talking about?? i recall seeing live gameplay from 2 games during that "other" reveal (more of an announcement really) that you speak of.

Those games were KIllzone: SF, and Knack

Killzone also showed the share feature actually working. As well as Knack showing gameplay on a PS4 being played on the Vita remotely.... No gameplay huh?

Oh and them showing the same "impressive Kinect tech" that they showed when it was "Project Natal"? (wich ended up not being in the final product that they first had shown wich you claim is something Sony is the one that does this.)

"People have misunderstood what MSFT is doing they are making a BIG an BOLD bet on the multi hardware console design."

I believe you are trying to ACT like you understand what they are doing with this console but you just simply dont, and you are just making a complete fool out of yourself with every comment that you post on here.

Quit waisting your keyboards lifespan and go get some fresh air man.

rainslacker2027d ago (Edited 2027d ago )

What I see is that the post reveal stuff was extremely important to my decision to get one, and since it goes completely against what I believe in, I won't pick it up. Guess I'm a fan boy huh?

What I see is you completely ignoring the post reveal stuff and only talking about the good things, which admittedly are interesting and good.

What I'd like to see from you is how you feel about 24-hour mandatory connections, required Kinect, and restricting used game sales completely in favor of the publisher while closing off most consumer choice. You know...the things that rational gamers(and not fan boys) see.

It seems to me that all that other stuff is completely unimportant in light of the negatives, so why try to misdirect? The things us "fan boys" are talking about is all over the net...even from some of the most die hard xbox gamers. Why do you choose to ignore it?

Edit:Since you only have one bubble...feel free to PM me. I will post it for you in it's entirety, giving you a real chance to make your case. Maybe for once you can make a comment that can be taken seriously.

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CynicalKelly2028d ago

And yet you still get a bunch of Disagrees for saying that neutral statement.

Be more Obvious Sony trolls..

VonBraunschweigg2028d ago

Help from the cloud requires always online.

hellvaguy2028d ago


Come on man, you put out a lot of b.s. there and ya know ya did. It's not all great and overwhelming because a lot of hardcore gamers including myself are not into Kinect and a slower cpu/gpu than the ps4 (if true).

However for the xbox, you have to like the controller, bluray, x86, and next gen graphics. You really didn't find 1 good thing out of that?

Donnieboi2028d ago (Edited 2028d ago )


As this will require the system to be always-online if it's ability to enhance the consoles "power" is entirely cloud-based. ALSO, what's to stop PS4 from doing the same, considering it too is also cloud-based?

Also, the PS4 is already confirmed to be 50% more powerful than Xbox One:

So PS4 has a head-start, AND can likely use the same cloud tech to enhance it's own games too (Gaikai is the leader in cloud gaming).

M$ has no advantage over Sony when it comes to being future-proof.

ijust2good2027d ago

Beam us the poligans scotty.

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Supermax2028d ago

That was the major thing that I took from the event is 15000 servers to 300,000 people always think hardware but forget about the back bone to of Warcraft would not be a success if not for all the servers.good job ms looking promising.

THamm2028d ago

Yes, this is really an XBOX LIVE machine only, just named XBOX ONE. They should emphasize that this is only for subscribers to Xbox Live, that's who it caters to the most, online players and communities.

DivineAssault 2028d ago

I have a buddy thats so pro MS that he wont even consider PS4 nx gen.. I cant wait to see his face when both systems are out in their prime & PS4 graphics shine with exclusives & multiplats..

Thirty3Three2028d ago

The same article was posted here yesterday... umm...

Just wondering how duplicates are approved when they even show you the existing story before publish :?

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