Gamervision: Audiosurf Review

Some reviewers have called Audiosurf the greatest independent game of all time, and Gamervision can't say that they disagree. It has a crazy amount of replayability, with its only limit being the size of your playlists. Every song provides a wholly unique experience, and with the global scoreboard there is always a reason to play. The game will even send you emails when you score is broken, prodding you to go back and retake your throne. This doesn't work flawlessly, as some versions of a song can be different (and produce a different level) then others, but on the whole it is still an impressive experience.

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solar4769d ago

i downloaded the demo of this and its actually quite fun. plus, the retail version for $9.99 comes with the OB soundtrack! it would be very very fun under some boomers :D