Loot Ninja: No More Heroes Review

Loot Ninja writes: "No More Heroes is a stand out title on the Wii for a few reasons, stylistically and content wise it is unique to any other offering on the system. No More Heroes places you as a hitman, but not just any hitman, one that is striving to be number one and in order to do so you must take out a list of other murderers. It presents itself in a very dark, yet funny way and really tries to be different, which for the most part works well and makes it like no other title for the Wii.

The graphics of No More Heroes is cartoonish/anime in style and for the most part works very well, but there are some frame rate issues in the game. The style of the game is very similar to Killer 7 and adds to the feel of the game, unfortunately the presentation is limited by the capabilities of the Wii. From a presentation standpoint you can almost consider No More Heroes like a Wii version of GTA set in a less realistic world with over the top characters and futuristic weapons."

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