Q&A: Fredrik Liliegren on Red Jade Studios

Fredrik Liliegren has been involved in the games industry for 18 years in various positions, most notably as founder and CEO of Digital Illusions CE in Sweden, and later as Studio Manager of DICE Canada.

Electronic Arts officially completed their takeover of the company on the 2nd of October of this year, after originally obtaining a controlling stake in DICE in January 2005. On October 5th, DICE Canada, who were responsible for titles like Battlefield: Vietnam and Battlefield 2: Special Forces, was closed down by its new parent company.

On the 16th, Liliegren announced the opening of Red Jade Studios, an art and animation outsourcing service which is currently comprised entirely of former DICE Canada employees. The name had previously been used by Liliegren in the development of a handheld system that relied upon digital distribution which was abandoned in 2001 after partner and major investor, Ericsson, pulled funding from the project.

Gamasutra contacted Liliegren via email to discuss the closing of DICE Canada, and the formation of Red Jade.

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eagle216d ago

It's time for Waluigi to have his own game. :)


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