Phil Harrison tries (again) to clarify game ownership, second-hand sales & always-online in Xbox One

EuroGamer: "Ownership tied to login, there will be a resale mechanism, does require internet connection but not constantly."

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Abash4080d ago

This is getting hard to watch, I cant believe how MS is mishandling the Xbox One and doing so many things to make people not want one

Root4080d ago

I think they are trying to backtrack because of the backlash they are getting. If the console was being praised which they were hoping then they wouldn't have a problem admiting these things but because it's getting backlash left, right and center they are bricking themselfs.

So these things are true, they are just trying to calm people down....sugar coat them untill E3 where they HOPE people will be amazed at the games and such where they won't care what they do with the console

DeanSanchez4080d ago (Edited 4080d ago )

So summary:

If someone wants to borrow a friends game, they'd have to have the original owner there to log into the original owner's account.

But if the friend wants to play the game with his own account, he HAS to pay a fee.

In the end, this is utter BS.

EVILDEAD3604080d ago (Edited 4080d ago )

LMAO @ Phil please stop while your 'NOT' ahead. I think it's just as confusing the second time.

At the end of the day, if gamers can play their games offline and are allowed to trade them in MS will be fine.

But, if they go weird with time limits etc. then IMO they are asking for the even controversy and fallout.



'Looks like Phil Harrison is doing a good job.......as a sleeper cell agent for Sony!'

@ Edmix

Lol. He definitely isn't doing them any favors at the moment.

@ Dean

'In the end, this is utter BS.'

Yup. I think it's a dumb move to even open this can of worms. But, I see that maybe they are trying to avoid the ancient technique of this gens ban hammer.

maxgamehard4080d ago


Same goes for rentals, you would have to pay the used game fee for games you want to rent

Christopher4080d ago (Edited 4080d ago )

His responses weren't at all sugar coated, though.

What he said:

1. If you have one disc in a household, you can only play it on two consoles through the same account. Your little brother will have to pay to earn his own achievements.

2. You can not sell/give it to a friend once you've finished the game.

3. Only certain retailers will be able to sell these games. No pawn shops, Mom & Pop shops, eBay, or Amazon shops.

4. Online Passes are gone because now the whole game has a "Pass".

Questions unanswered:

1. If you ban someone's account, do they lose access to all of their games?

2. How much of a 'fee' will it cost to buy a used game?

3. Who will control the 'fee' to buy a used game?

4. What retailers will do this and will they be available in rural areas (GameStop is closing how many stores this year?)?

SilentNegotiator4080d ago

So anyone who buys a used game would either need a very complicated system of transfer or else would be paying TWICE.

Either way, very bad move, Microsoft. Good luck getting Gamestop to stock your consoles.

fr0sty4080d ago

Heads are definitely rolling over this.

gaffyh4080d ago

So basically the gist of this is that:

1. Used games are blocked and require an online pass like function to play the game at all. So it is in fact WORSE than the online pass.

2. You can't lend your game to your friend, because you have to login on his Xbox One. If you do trust your friend and give him your login details, you will MOST LIKELY not be able to login on your own Xbox One until that person logs out OR it will automatically log him out and kick him out of the game.

So it is NOT like how it is currently where you can play a game and lend it to a friend. MS is so f***ed up if they think consumers are THAT stupid. The second issue doesn't really bother me because I don't borrow or lend games, but the first issue DEFINITELY bothers me, because although I rarely buy used games, I sell my old games quite a lot. So this will decrease the resale value by a lot, if they even allow reselling of games at all!

Seems like all the rumours were true. MS is basically blocking used games, albeit in a rudimentary way, just to make more cash from the used games market. I can't believe they can be this stupid, the only thing that can save them is if they reduce the price of their games to $40 across the board.

SolidStoner4079d ago

this is crazy, second hand game market on Microsoft side will be dead...

Hope its not true, I know many of gamers will still buy x box one, (it has COD on it, with exclusive 2 week DLC!!!!) so I dont want them to suffer like this, hope the used game fee is maximum $ 5, if more its a bad deal!!

trouble_bubble4079d ago

"..If you have one disc in a household, you can only play it on two consoles through the same account. Your little brother will have to pay to earn his own achievements.."

wow. So dad has to buy the game, pay another fee for his son to play on his own tag, another fee for his daughter to play on her's, plus pay for online however many times and log in every so many hours cuz of DRM. Easier to just not buy the damn thing. Pray you don't divorced. We're gonna need pre-nups on console service soon. "Mom gets the account and kids during the week while Dad only see's his cheevos on the weekend" lol.

SonyWarrior4079d ago

microsoft thought they could get away with ripping its customers off since they did it last gen with paying to play.... now it looks like they took it too far

YoungKingDoran4079d ago

Well we need to know what the fee is going to be.
But there's still so many unanswered Qs at the moment... Do they themselves even have the answers at the moment?

So far, theoretically, my friends and I could "car pool" with games and ill pay the (cheaper than buying new?) license for all of their games and they'll pay the licenses for my games and... I'm pretty sure then MS are losing money as in the past, we would each buy any decent game ourselves.

Maybe it will be up to publishers for how much the fees will be.
This could get even worse than it already sounds.

indysurfn4079d ago

1, All this linking to accounts to prevent a person from buying it and playing on several accounts is not needed. That is accomplished since the start of time by checking to see if the disk is in the drive!
2, If I cant sell what I bought to who I want I dont really 'own it'.
3, If I must pay any kind of fee to sell my game or the buyer has to pay a fee then I didnt really own it!
4,What if the fee is 25$ and the retailer has it for $24 used(because they get a discount) My game is worthless!
5,What if the fee is 25$ and the retailer wants to sell it for $35, that leaves $10 for me and gamestop to split! Who will get the most of that $10 I BET NOT ME! Will the used sector survive, or be worth it for $10?
6, Didn't the publisher get paid for this once already?
7, I dont have to pay 50cents to give my cd to my niece!

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JokesOnYou4080d ago (Edited 4080d ago )

OK, yeah they f-up the PR but as long as the end result is that they are not going to block used games and I can loan my game to a friend, then Im good:

"I can come to your house and I can put the disc into your machine and I can sign in as me and we can play the game," he explained.

"The bits are on your hard drive. At the end of the play session, when I take my disc home - or even if I leave it with you - if you want to continue to play that game [on your profile] then you have to pay for it. The bits are already on your hard drive, so it's just a question of going to our [online] store and buying the game, and then it's instantly available to play.

"The bits that are on the disc, I can give to anybody else, but if we both want to play it at the same time, we both have to own it. That's no different to how discs operate today." -Phil Harrison

-So correct me if I'm wrong but once it has been downloaded to 1 profile you just need the disc to play on a friends console whereas the original owner doesn't need the disc to play?

Bimkoblerutso4080d ago

You would also have to log in on that particular machine.

And I would assume that, even if you were fine with giving your friend your login information, you would not be able to be logged into multiple systems at the same time, seeing as there is an online requirement to play the games.

So yes, this is still ridiculously terrible.

JokesOnYou4080d ago (Edited 4080d ago )

OK you guys can keep disagreeing and spewing all the fanboy jokes all you like, jokes don't bother me one bit (see my name) nah but seriously I want to f-ing know what the hell they are doing with used games 'cause although I buy new I have lots of friends I let borrow games from time to time and this would suck.

Edit vvv my bad meant to reply to EDMIX

Edit @Bimkoblerutso, so bear with me but are you sure that as long as I'm not trying to play the same game at the same time that I loaned to him that it will work if I'm playing another game I own at the same time? I mean right now you need the disc to play on another console anyway.

morganfell4080d ago (Edited 4080d ago )

If you play with your disc on a friends console you have to sign in with your account and load your profile on his or her machine. Otherwise if he or she wants to play with it on their account on any machine outside of a family associated account they have to pay for it.

MestreRothN4G4080d ago

Anyone stupid enough to buy it will need Internet connection ("logging in") when the game is installed and each 24 hours.
If you are the first owner who sold or lended to a friend, you'll have the 'bits' in your HDD and the license.
The 2nd buyer will have the 'bits' on disc and HDD (when he installs) but not the license.
He has to buy the game, the license. The 'bits' are free to put wherever who has the disk wants, because they're useless without the license.

So, yes, xone blocks 2nd hand games.

But that's no big deal. The console is aimed towards housewives, who don't even mind about all inconveniences ms is bringing.

Bimkoblerutso4080d ago (Edited 4080d ago )

I agree with you about the bubble/agree/disagree system, for what it's worth. It kind of promotes a passive approach to meaningful debate and discussion, if you ask me.

Edit: And if I'm understanding things correctly (which I will admit that things are STILL a little unclear) you register games to an account which has to be actively online for you to play those games. So I would assume that you can only be actively online on one system at a time. The "bits" are installed to a HDD but cannot be accessed unless they are registered to the profile being used.

But again, this is assuming that you don't mind giving someone else all your login information in the first place.

JokesOnYou4080d ago (Edited 4080d ago )


Thanks..Yeah this isn't what I want, love my bro's but I ain't giving them my account info. I was excited to see the new console, still like it but this is definitely BAD news. Damm just leave all this DRM BS alone and I would of been a happy camper. The not-always-on but you-need-online doesn't bother me at all 'cause basicly everybodys already connected. Since this is essentially a software restriction hopefully if xbox fans make some noise on forums they will change this.

Christopher4080d ago

***I have lots of friends I let borrow games from time to time and this would suck. ***

The _only_ way you can lend your friends a game is if you shared accounts. And, when they're playing, you can't play. Only way. You can't even play the same disc on multiple consoles in the same house unless you log in with the same account (so, no multiple accounts in a household).

C-Thunder4080d ago (Edited 4080d ago )

Will we even be able to give our account info? I thought it used Kinnect to Id us and sign in?

ZodTheRipper4080d ago

Funny how everyone discusses how to avoid this system without mentioning that the PS4 doesn't have these problems at all. Microsoft is just making business from everything it can.

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_-EDMIX-_4080d ago

Looks like Phil Harrison is doing a good job.......as a sleeper cell agent for Sony!


Phil Harrison "err....yea Used games needs to be blocked......yea"

Don - "are you sure? I mean...people still buy and play used games"

Phil Harrison "do they Don?....do they really?"

Don -"...I guess not Phil"

Phil Harrison "good.....good (shifty eyes)"

ginsunuva4080d ago (Edited 4080d ago )


Why did Sony have trouble with the Ps3 before?
Phil Harrison!

Why does MS have trouble with the xbox now?
Phil Harrison!

Ashlen4080d ago

It's standard Microsoft policy, sell the consumer the product they want them to have, not the product they want.

Even when they get huge amounts of negative feedback they don't listen and just do what they want.