Xbox One: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

It’s finally done, Microsoft has announced the next generation Xbox system titled “Xbox One.” The system was presented earlier today during a press conference held to show off the system and its features. Soon after the announcement of the system many other points were covered by spokesmen of Microsoft that have sent the internet into a frenzy. While there are a number of potentially great features Xbox One is set to have this generation, there are a number of missteps that Microsoft should correct before launch.

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zeal0us2888d ago (Edited 2888d ago )

*I'm stilling thinking of something

-HDD isnt removeable
-have to pay fee for those used games because the game is tied to one account/console
-every now and then it needs to connect to the internet

trancefreak2888d ago

Reminds of my old 10 disc CD changer.

Was the scale released h"W"D" on this unit anywhere?

BeZdaBest2888d ago

its going to become the next "water cooler"

i love me some water..;P

ScepticTankAvenger2888d ago

You forgot that (BAD): 1. None of the 360 titles, including XBLA titles, will be carried over or backwards compatible with the Xbox One. 2. The Xbox will not function without the the Kinect ON and connected. That way, you can walk into the room, say "Kinect On" and it turns on your system. How does it do that? You're Kinect is always listening. ALWAYS. LISTENING. ALWAYS. WATCHING.

dedicatedtogamers2888d ago (Edited 2888d ago )

The internet's reaction to Xbox One.

Hey, at least he'll have plenty of room to use Kinect 2.0 now.

Root2888d ago


Woah, Woah, Woah....even XBLA games

Are you saying that whatever games we've all bought on XBLA like Castle Crashers and Plants vs Zombies for example won't be transferred over.

Has this been confirmed ? Anyone ?

BattleAxe2888d ago

I think Microsoft just did Nintendo a solid. People are generally disappointed with the Xbox One, and now I think that leaves room for people to really consider the WiiU as a viable alternative. Sony and Nintendo have got gamers covered.

I also predict that GameStop will promote both Sony and Nintendo's home consoles and handhelds like never before seeing as how Microsoft spells death for the used game business, and really doesn't do much for the new game business.

darthv722888d ago

the good was the reveal of the system itself. I like its proposed speed in multitasking. so playing a game while watching a movie and skyping is all possible.

the real clear info on game sharing. it looks like you can share a game with others so long as the gamer tag the game is tied to exists on the same unit. not that different than what we have now on the 360 and ps3 in regards to digital games but it certainly is a change for rental outfits for physical games. more info is needed...badly.

the ugly is the amount of closed minded people who are quick to judge. time, patience and a pinch of salt can do wonders.

Tetsujin2888d ago

Not to troll, but the good is Sony stock went up.

Sorry I had to say it.


The article mentioned everyone having to purchase some license for the game up to full retail - that alone is a deal breaker because I like to at least demo a game before purchasing it, and Sony already mentioned having a demo for every and all games, I haven't seen any reports of Microsoft adopting that type of system.

insomnium22888d ago

XB1 is imo pretty ugly and bulky. I hope PS4 won't be that big and sharp edged.

Kevin ButIer2888d ago

One of the fascinating new additions to your squad... is a dog

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NameRemoved00172888d ago

This looks more like a receiver than a console.

BeZdaBest2888d ago

xbox go home

*xbox grow legs and leaves*

sak5002888d ago

What's good? It brings SDF out of the gutter and in every N4G news story about XBOX ONE.

Majin-vegeta2888d ago

Na you what's the good part??Everyone on N4G can see who are the retards who bend over easily for a company screwing them by forcing them to pay to play used games.

Virtual_Reality2888d ago (Edited 2888d ago )

The good part is about media interaction and TV apps related....

I like how I get disagrees stating what the Author says about the Good Part of Xbox One.


-GametimeUK-2888d ago

The only good I saw was Forza.

Cueil2888d ago

the 15 exclusives announce with 8 being original IPs no good for you?

ThatCanadianGuy5142888d ago (Edited 2888d ago )

What 15 exclusives?

I didn't see them.

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TripC502888d ago

And that is what you have to buy to own future Halo games......

Go back to sleep John... until a better console comes

002888d ago (Edited 2888d ago )

what a sad reality it has become.

actually after watching it a few times it became funnier now.

Bumpmapping2888d ago

The good you save $$$ get a superior console called the PS4 the bad if you are a Xbox fan yikes I feel bad for you!

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