Gamedaily: Summer Sports Preview - All the fun of summer, minus the BBQ and wet t-shirts

Gamedaily writes: "We enjoy the summer just as much as the next beach-going, BBQing American, but with temperatures on the rise, sometimes it's best to stay indoors. Destineer's Summer Sports lets you enjoy outdoor games within the cold comforts of air conditioning, and much to our surprise, this isn't some cheap Wii Sports knock-off. Developer Digital Embryo put a lot of work into the game, and we can't wait to experience all it has to offer.

Summer Sports features the following seven games: basketball, miniature golf, horseshoes, volleyball, badminton, lawn darts and croquet. Similar to Wii Sports, each of them operates using the Wii's motion sensitive remote. Instead of sitting on the couch mashing buttons, you're on your feet aiming your next putt, flinging a lawn dart using an underhand motion or arcing your jump shot, all the while enjoying a cute tropical setting. Even better, up to four players can enjoy these games. They can even taunt each other by pressing buttons on the remote."

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