Firing Squad: Condemned 2 Review

Firing Squad writes: "Forget that the stupid name could have graced a Steven Seagal movie from the mid-90s. Forget the buckets of guts that rank right up there with tawdry torture-porn flicks. Forget about scenarios and villains apparently taken from a list of all-time classic creeps like abandoned hospitals and evil clowns.

Then just turn out the lights. Condemned 2: Bloodshot may have a cheesy title. It may have a cheapish plot that always goes straight for the easy gross-out with the goriest kills this side of Manhunt. And it may round up its levels and baddies from the most obvious horror-game stereotypes. But with the house in darkness and everyone but me snuggled safely into bed, I can't help buying into the bloody action and the solemn, bizarre tale in this first-person survival horror game."

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