PS4 and Xbox One Game Covers Revealed?

The Battlefield 4 website seems to have revealed the game covers for PS4 & Xbox One. These both seem to be legit as they both match the branding of the consoles well.

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Snookies122884d ago

I don't... Really like either of those. :\

SuperSteve2884d ago


(I'm agreeing with you, by the way.)

Thirty3Three2884d ago

(I'm not an xbox person but) I must say, I hope they're place-holders. The xbox one looks very nice, but I'm a bit sad to see how bland the PS4 one looks :/

Microsoft... putting so much effort into game cases... which won't leave stores :/

Shivvy2884d ago

DID you guys notice that both cases are bluray cases, but the ps3 image looks stretched ! they should be the same size so obviously ones fake

colonel1792884d ago

I think that the PS4 looks like a bigger PS Vita case. So it might not be a regular Bluray case.

The Xbox looks great. It is clean and the logo is in the box leaving the cover untouched. Nice!

ShabbaRanks2883d ago

@Shivvy lol EA showed these on FaceBook and Battlelog today. Those pics are the real thing my friends

Intentions2883d ago

I hope the cases are smaller [for both], if it's the same as the Ps3's ones then that's ok.

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GameCents2884d ago

Both do look pretty uninspired.

Hufandpuf2884d ago

These are placeholders for sure. I'm certain that the Xbox One cases will have some sort of Black on it to match the console.

Davoh2883d ago

I'm curious as to what people expect from game covers/cases, aslong as they're labeled PS4 or XBOne and keep my discs and manual from damage I'll be happy. It's then up to the individual developers/publishers to create an eye catching front/back cover.

nosferatuzodd2883d ago

those are just case holders the real cases are yet to reveal

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Nightfallen2884d ago

I think these are just placeholders. If you look at the Xbox One one (I'm going to hate this word combo) from the BF4 site it looks cheaply done for the time being.

Root2884d ago

Yeah I'm not liking the Sony one because blue is currently being used by Nintendo for the Wii U. Either go with a darker blue or just modern black

Salooh2884d ago

Transparent Black with a blue line on the cover :)

Reborn2884d ago

I'd go with placeholder.

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