Four is Greater Than One: Our Thoughts on Microsoft’s New Console

Geek Revolt's staff shares their thoughts on the Xbox One.

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Campy da Camper2888d ago

Honestly, what this reveal made me think is that the WiiU will be my secondary console. Unless MS comes out and flat out states, " you can play your games on other consoles and people can log in to your system with their handle and play your game FOR NO CHARGE." Then there is no way I'm getting one.

That's not even taking into consideration the issue I have with kinect having to be on all the time.

I play games on my consoles. I don't want cameras on and I sure as heck don't want to pay a "fee" for my daughter to play a game I paid 60 bucks for under her account, too.

So much confusion they brought. From the Adam sessler tweeting the applause is fake to the total lack of actual gameplay of, you know, GAMES. All I know is ps4 will be in high demand and now we might see a shortage. I will be sitting outside a day early now for release date.

Root2888d ago

I was saving my money now for a PS4 and an Xbox One but after how bad the console is I think I will buy the Wii U second now.

Microsofts reveal made Nintendos Wii U reveal look amazing

OneAboveAll2888d ago

They only had an hour time slot. Why do people not understand this? e3 will bring the games.

Athonline2888d ago

^OneAboveAll They didn't have an hour slot, the event was in their campus. They theoretically had an infinity number of hours to present stuff if they wanted. Hopefully in E3 they will do so, as strong competition is good for all gamers ;-)

Root2888d ago

Sony had 2 hours and it wasn't even on their own campus.

Microsoft can do things...they have the money

scofios2888d ago


The just wait until E3 has began early this gen .

Boody-Bandit2888d ago (Edited 2888d ago )

Honestly, this is being honest and not trolling or being a fanboy. BUT do you know who says wait for E3? Those that have to cling to hope because so far their console is lacking and causing doubts. We use to hear this with Nintendo from Reggie concerning the Wii. How did that work out as far as Nintendo's once core audience? It was a drought of games most of the time.

I am holding out some "hope" MS will have a couple of intriguing surprises but not being able to play used games or rentals without paying a fee is close to being a deal breaker for me personally.

Now I am on the fence about getting the Xbox One and the 360 was my primary gaming console the past several years. MS is headed in the wrong direction. They need to make a serious U-turn ASAP. They are going after a different demographic and that demographic has nearly everything they are offering already with laptops, tablets, smart phones, smart TV's and broadcast receivers (Comcast, DirectV, Verizon and Dish).

"Most" gamers purchase a gaming console to play GAMES, not watch TV or post on Facebook and Skype with family and friends. I can do that with my phone in a millisecond while I am gaming.

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NateCole2888d ago

I am more worried about the precedence this will set. If they get away with this then Sony and others would most likey follow. God dam MS.Still the greedy anti consumer company we have known for years.

I really hope Google gets into console gaming if Sony fails.

duli142888d ago

Lets hope Sony doesn't fail.

dc12888d ago

Let's turn that around...."Let's hope Sony does well!"

NateCole2888d ago

Yes guys. Now it is more important than ever for Sony to suscced. They are doing everything right and i really hope people will respond. However nothing is garuntee and if by a long shot fails then i hope a company like google would step in.

I_am_Batman2888d ago

If any of the recent "rumors (used game fees, online connection required every 24 hours, mandatory Kinect, Kinect always listens)" get 100% confirmed I'll get a Nintendo Wii-U as a secondary console instead of the Xbox One.

Sarobi2888d ago

Wait.. the applause was fake?!

Root2888d ago (Edited 2888d ago )

It came from all the Microsoft employees who were sitting on the back row, higher up...probably so it echos across the room. Adam Sessler said it never came from the press who were at the front

They probably were cheering because they were told to OR because they were applauding each other who has worked on a section of the tec when one of the suits were showing it off....kind of like a nod to each other as co workers.

MikeMyers2888d ago

Of course, anything positive must be a conspiracy.

ApolloTheBoss2888d ago

"Four is greater than one"

I've been seeing this all day today. I swear, if Sony notices and uses it in an Ad campaign or something, That would be a HUGE slap in the face to M$ LOL.

Athonline2888d ago

Actually one of the reasons behind X-Box 360 name was that (a MS executive said that in an interview ages ago), that PS3 had that "3" and made X-Box 2 sound older and less-powerful. Afterwards they came up with the idea that it is called 360 as it's a system build around the game...

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silkrevolver2888d ago (Edited 2888d ago )

I think there is a market for this console, but I don't think that market is willing to shell out hundreds of dollars for a glorified cable box.

I did not wish for Microsoft's conference to go badly.
I want as many great games as I can get.

With that in mind, there's nowhere but Sony from here for the core gamers of the industry.

Edit: besides PC, obviously. PC is the constant of the industry.

Omar912888d ago

Am I the only one who hates the name Xbox one? I'm confused as to why they named it that way... I mean I get why from what message they are trying to send, but I don't get it from a business stand point.

T22888d ago

I hate it, what was the original xbox, just xbox? Then 360? Now one? Why can't they just go Xbox 3 or 720 or call it the lightning lol, ONE makes no sense. I get that they are going for "all in one" but no, just no.

KillerPwned2888d ago (Edited 2888d ago )

My assumption is they are calling it Xbox One because from what they say its basically a DVR, gaming console and all this other crap packed into ONE box.

I still hate the name its ugly and I won't be buying one my Wii U I am loving and I cannot wait for the PS4.

Omar912888d ago

thats exactly why I don't get it. The whole point of naming the xbox 360, the xbox 360 was so that the console didn't seem inferior to sony's Playstation 3. now they go back to "one"? I'm sure there are other names they could of come up with to show the console is an all in one experience.

NateCole2888d ago

You shouldnt. MS got away with pay to play online and paid exclusive content which is now industry standard.

DivineAssault 2888d ago

good thing im being notified when PS4 pre orders begin because i think its going to sell out now

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