Boston Dynamics Releases Incredible New BigDog Footage: Four-legged robot walks on any terrain with a shockingly creepy gait.

IGN writes:

"US, March 17, 2008 - From an enthusiast's point of view, the Japanese and Koreans have seemed to dominate the modern robotics field in recent times. Honda's ASIMO is world famous, both for walking up, and falling down, flights of stairs, and both nations have displayed the results of highly active academic programs tasked with building increasingly lifelike robots designed to help the elderly and teach children in schools. Such programs are great for public relations, and are key to easing the public's fears of a future in which robots will be ubiquitous and in constant interaction with humans."

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Lord Anubis3863d ago

that thing freaks me out, quick someone call Solid Snake.

fury3863d ago

that's like those "mooh" things in metal gear solid 4. you know what i'm talkin about? those beasts raiden fights in the trailer.

this is indeed very creepy...

Kakkoii3863d ago (Edited 3863d ago )

I wish people would stop using Asimo as if it's the best robot so far.

Asimo is not the best. It's 2nd.

QRIO is the best. Even tho Sony said it's discontinued development on it. It still stands as the best ever made.

Look QRIO up on google.

It doesn't just walk.. It actually Runs. It's in the record books for the first 2 legged robot to Run. "Both feet off the ground after each step. Like a human"

It also has conversation skills. And learns from talking with people. And is able to recognize those peoples faces and voices.

On the subject of this robot tho. I found it really impressive when they kicked it and it was able to react well enough to not fall over.