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IGN: "You'd have to be insane not to anticipate a Call of Duty presence at today's Microsoft briefing. Last week, IGN had the chance to get a preview of today's announcement and talk with the developers at Infinity Ward. The team promises the next iteration of Call of Duty will deliver a new experience, a new world, and a new engine. We're still waiting on firmer details of the story, but we do know that America is crippled by an attack, and that the player is part of an elite force sent to respond to the threat. The game's story is being written by Stephen Gaghan, the writer of Traffic."

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showtimefolks2889d ago

its a COD we don't need preview, by now we know what to expect. The only major difference this tme around is the new fresh coat of paint the game will get with new engine and tech

more power to you if you are interested, for me i am looking forward to verity in games not all shooters

Root2889d ago

The best about the reveal was when they were talking about how the fish move out the way when you get close to them.......basicaly an AI system which has been done aready ON THIS GEN TEC.

Seriously they'll keep this engine around untill the end of next gen.

IGN hyping up COD....guess it will be a perfect score from them then, and for what, a new lick of paint

MikeMyers2889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )

So basically you have no comment at all about the new game but instead want to continue hating the series just for the sake of it?

The game looked awesome. A new engine with excellent detail, all running at 60fps. You hear that, 60fps. It's also being written by an Oscar screenwriter but hey, let's talk about how stale the old games are instead and not even comment on this being a new direction on a new engine.


"more power to you if you are interested, for me i am looking forward to verity in games not all shooters"

And yet you praise the new Killzone game coming. Why is this site like this? Full of hypocrites that have this endless amount of bias?

Root2889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )

Again going against the majority so you have something to argue about to someone

Mike I really feel like you need to engage with people in the real world, face to face, then sitting at home behind a desk and a keyboard where you can twist peoples words as you see fit

Awwww <pinches cheek> :)


Don't you dare talk to showtimefolks about hypocrites because your the biggest one on this site.


"If you're going to suggest it, prove it"

ALLLLLLL those dmc articles before it came out when you called anyone or bashed anyones opinion when they criticized the game but then argued when someone did it to you......remember....of course you do.

Your the type of person where you can do something to someone else but if they do it to you, you don't like it.

MikeMyers2889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )

That's the second comment Root and so far the only thing you said about the preview is the fish. Is that really contributing to the topic? You seem to have this desire instead to bash the franchise no matter what they do with it. It's got a new engine, it's got stellar graphics, it's got a whole new direction with new characters, it's got a new story being written by an Oscar screenwriter, it will have all new multiplayer elements. The list goes on but you want to focus on the fish. That just shows your interest, to always focus on anything negative while hardly rewarding anything positive.

"Don't you dare talk to showtimefolks about hypocrites because your the biggest one on this site."

If you're going to suggest it, prove it. Why are you defending his actions? I just proved his comment was contradictory and instead of supporting my argument you want to change it and focus on me instead while proving nothing. Why? Why defend his comment?



You kept littering all the topics with your hate and admitted to never playing the full game. You also called anyone that praised Dead Space 3 a PR spokesman for EA. There's a difference between having an opinion and setting course on an agenda. You want people to jump on the bandwagon and think the more you say something the more chance people will start to agree with you.

That's not being a hypocrite. I agreed with some of your concerns, you just want to shoot anyone down that liked it. I don't have a problem with people not liking something, I do have issues with people who force their opinion on others and want to smother their opinions.

sir_fortesque2889d ago

What really bothered me was
"The easy thing to do would be ModernWarfare 4. But we didn't want to do that. We wanted to push boundaries.......look...a dog.........this one has a dog"

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showtimefolks2889d ago


maybe you should check some of my comments, i am a huge KZ fan but i am not interested in this new KZ yet. It looks stunning and will look and play better than COD IMO

but nothing that sony or MS have shown looks very interesting, some of the best games are coming out this gen

last of us
beyond 2 souls
Saints row 4

next gen sounds nice and all but show me why should i upgrade, also this new engine and 60FPS you speak of has been done in other FPS and with better graphics

no game has looked as good as KZ2 IMO FPS wise, GG know how to push tech while Activision just made a new engine so now let's wait for COD:Ghosts 1,2,3,4 and COD:war against machine 1,2,3,4

next gen sounds nice but let's move the genre forward i am burned out with same games all the damn time

thorstein2889d ago

Early rumors about the Xbox One was that development was behind by about 6 months.

But the business model seems to be the same, exclusive DLC... timed? Which would make the DLC 7 months for PC and PS4 users after release of the game?

Am I missing something?

fsfsxii2889d ago

It has a dog as your best friend, talk about next gen engine

vork772889d ago

oh boy last game that gad that was on the ps2

Flyingdog6702889d ago

The best thing about Call of Duty Ghost will be the dog...

AzaziL2889d ago

Sucks that you know it's gonna die.

venom062889d ago

sadly, its not really a new engine at all.. just upgraded AGAIN for the next gen consoles.. from an IW developer himself saying this is still pretty much the CoD engine just updated... start @ 4:48...

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