Major Nelson fails to address concerns over fee system for used Xbox One games

Travis of Capsule Computers writes:

"With the Xbox One announced and reports of the console requiring gamers to pay a fee to play used games on the system, Microsoft has been attempting to quell the uproar of the video game community. However it seems to be doing a very poor job of things."

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Crazyglues2885d ago (Edited 2885d ago )

I would say no clarification is a confirmation that you will have to pay... and pay for used games...

Otherwise he would have just said No, you don't have to pay a fee to play used games..

Sadly it looks like Microsoft did go ahead with blocking use games after all..
(Now I see why EA canceled their Online Pass) -_- Very sneaky..

No-wonder EA was at Xbox's Event showing EA games and they were not at Sony's..

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blackbeld2885d ago

"While he did say they didn’t confirm any specific scenarios, his last paragraph there does confirm what Xbox gamers fear. “No fee to play that game while you are singed in to your profile” means that the whole “being tied to one account” remains true and that a fee will be required if someone else wishes to play the game on a separate account."

It's a DRM machine ;(

JhawkFootball062885d ago (Edited 2885d ago )

Tell me how this relates to PS4 again? Sony fans trolling every article. Which can only mean one thing.

On topic - No, no clarification is not a confirmation. A confirmation is them telling us either yes or no. Not replying is just it, not replying.

duli142885d ago

you do have to pay a fee I'm afraid Phil already confirmed it

abc12332885d ago

Lack of an adequate response can be highly indicative of certain conclusions even if it isn't a certainty. The conclusion in this case is that yes, they are introducing a fee system for used games, he would otherwise have had no reason to try to avoid answering directly.

Root2885d ago

So now people are trolls for realising how greedy Microsoft are and why they don't deserve the gaming communities support when they lie time after time

Come on man....people hate EA, nobody then says after that people hating on EA are trolling because what they say is true about them...

ShabbaRanks2885d ago (Edited 2885d ago )

@JhawkFootball06 Just because he puts PS4 at the end of his comment doesn’t mean what he’s saying isn’t true. It’s obvious he’s a PlayStation supporter, but I didn’t see any trolling in his comment, just fact.

On topic* I’m completely disgusted by M$. I remember when the original Xbox came out. It was so cool and you felt like an outsider because back then most people had PS2’s. It had so much exclusives and I loved both controller variants (the duke and the other one). But now it’s clear all M$ wants is money. Now of course Sony wants the money too, but at lest they know what audience to target and how to get that audience in order to make cash.

M$ Cleary got lost in greed and doesn’t care much about the gamers. At lest if they wouldn’t advertise this thing (the Xbox ONE) like a console it would already make a bit more sense.

So far PS4 won my heart as a gamer.

maxgamehard2885d ago (Edited 2885d ago )

I don't think its just Sony fans. This site has a a lot of gamers on it and gamers are upset at the fact that today's console reveal was not geared to gamers what so ever.

The conference was to tell me why should i buy Xbox One over PS4. After the conference I am left with more why I shouldn't buy an Xbox One over PS4.

This discontent is being expressed by many in the gaming community and not just sony fans, so stop pinning it on side.

kfloydchicken2885d ago (Edited 2885d ago )

"Tell me how this relates to PS4 again"

Honestly ... I'm always expecting comparisons because they are competitors.

Crazyglues is basically piecing together some coincidences on the following seemingly RELATED items:
- Alledged Fees
- ... then EA cancelling Online pass
- EA in XB1
- EA not in PS4

rainslacker2885d ago (Edited 2885d ago )

If they're concerned enough to address the rumor due to the negative press, why not just say "Yes" or "No". Seems that would clear everything up. They've done nothing to dispel the original comment, and the last part partially confirms it. This comment is PR speak. Don't be lured in.

Also, as I've pointed out elsewhere, Sony did say they would leave it up to the publishers. There's nothing so far to say they don't have a similar system in place. So I believe this issue is relevant to all who play games and want to have ownership of them.

I may be a Sony fan, but you can damn well believe I will speak out against something that I don't agree with.

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Maddens Raiders2885d ago (Edited 2885d ago )

from a gamer.

maxgamehard2885d ago (Edited 2885d ago )

Exactly. By removing the online pass it looked like a good PR move from EA but in actuality they have other plans up their sleeves.

Their goal was to gain good PR and partner with a console that would do the dirty work for them.

I will not support Microsoft with this console. This is completely anti-consumer.

MikeMyers2885d ago

Whatever is being blocked on the Xbox will do the same on the PS4. You think it's a coincidence EA stopped supporting the Wii U? My guess is Nintendo said no to their plans. EA games will have the same restrictions on the PS4 as they do on the Xbox, mark my words.

T22885d ago

you could in fact be right when it comes to EA, as this could revive their yearly rehashed sports titles like madden, NHL, NBA which generally only have roster updates and minimal changes... Sony did say they may leave it up to developers but jokes on EA, their servers suck and i can never log in to madden anyway, so just means boycott EA.

rainslacker2885d ago (Edited 2885d ago )

Sony said they would leave it up to the publishers. Sadly I am afraid you may be right, and it does concern me with the PS4 now. Before today I thought no publisher would be stupid enough to do such a thing despite their adamant comments on the 2nd hand market. If it's as bad as it sounds, the backlash has barely just begun.

Sad part for me is that 20 years from now I may not be able to play these games, should I so choose, if the authentication servers are no longer running. Nitpicky perhaps, but it's who I am.

DarkHeroZX2885d ago (Edited 2885d ago )

Those restrictions may apply to ps4 for an EA game but the thing is The new Xbox ties "ALL" its games to 1 account. This means that halo, cod, forza, etc. will all have these restrictions with or without the devs' say so. Sony already confirmed they aren't blocking used games and aren't tying them to your account. With this Xbox the disk has to be installed to your account so if your friend wants to borrow your disk it ain't happening. And so what EA dropped online passes, they kind of had to after they goofed with Sims. Do you honestly think they'd be able to sell another game with "EA" on it if they didn't compromise somewhere. At least with this Xbox they can re-coop some of the screw ups.

MikeMyers2885d ago


We don't know the full details just yet. Sony never fully explained the situation either. We already see online passes for all 1st party games on the PS3, who's to say they don't up the ante? They too said the PS4 will play used games but never clarified if it's going to have an authentication process or if games will be tied to your account.

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abc12332885d ago

EA and Microsoft are made for each other.

hellvaguy2878d ago

Because they make the best sports games?

Godmars2902885d ago

They didn't block used games, they just added a cost to use them again.

And I'm not seeing how their defenders are saying they did good by gamers to any degree when the negative "rumors" before the presentation have been if not "confirmed" then made into more of an argument than before.

The are articles all over N4G both confirming and denying the "facts".

rainslacker2885d ago

They can't spin it. They spent way too much time saying how MS or pubs wouldn't be that stupid.

GamerzElite2885d ago

For single user their is no fee. If u are playing same game at ur friends home with ur own account, its free. They havn't confirmed what if u are playing same game with others accounts.

Source: Major Nelson (Major Nelson has some good news. "Should you choose to play your game at your friend’s house, there is no fee to play that game while you are signed in to your profile," Nelson wrote)

Godmars2902885d ago

Question is, are you going to give out your passcode or put it on your friend's console just so that they can play a game you've let them borrow? And what happens if you want to play games on your console? Can one active account be used on multiple consoles?

Kind of defeats the purpose.

SDF Repellent2885d ago


Sony will most like have the same plan for the PS4. It is no secret why EA dropped their online pass plan and not giving the Wii U any support but are indeed supporting games for both Sony and MS. Sony was ask about two things regarding used game and their answer was While in past interviews he stated the PS4 will not block used games, he teased the tech to do so does exist in the console itself. The feature would be entirely optional and left up to individual publishers to decide if they want to use it for their games.

Either way, I am done with console gaming in general and will save up my money to build a custom PC. Had enough of the BS.

Godmars2902885d ago (Edited 2885d ago )

Thought that was always online? That Sony has left the option for publishers to make always online games, not used ones.

Really not getting how Sony managed to dodge the used game bullet, especially with the Xbox camp ready to pounce on them for the littlest thing.

showtimefolks2885d ago

so basically one game to one account or system?

great job MS this is the end if you are stupid enough to do this, you are making sony's job so much easier to adveryiose

our system doesn't require you to pay $60 each year to play online

our system let's you play used games even if you don't have internet connection

if this is true which we will have to wait on a 100% confirmation than i don't know why any gamer would support or defend MS on this move

vitullo312885d ago

Ea and ms in bed together that spells trouble

ThatsGaming2885d ago

The only way that MS forces gamers to pay for used games is in two scenarios...

1) Publishers make exclusives and exclusive must have content for MS because they want to promote this model
2) Sony and MS jointly decide to do this together because publishers want it

MS will not go this alone unless they get benefit from it. MS is not dumb.

The reason they are neither confirming or denying is because they are either in negotiations with publishers and/or Sony still.

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Software_Lover2885d ago

We know there is some confusion around used games on Xbox One and wanted to provide a bit of clarification on exactly what we’ve confirmed today. While there have been many potential scenarios discussed, today we have only confirmed that we designed Xbox One to enable our customers to trade in and resell games at retail.

I need to be in charge of both Sony and Microsoft when it comes to PR. I would just tell it like it is. Of course I would be fired, but why do people beat around the bush.

BrianC62342885d ago

Microsoft's conference seems to have left more questions than answers. What a mess. Just be honest and tell everyone what they can do.

HeavenlySnipes2885d ago

He dodged the question while answering another.

Yes you can play your games on another console but you would have to sign into your account on that console first

No you can't lend games to a friend and have them play the game on their console unless they

a) Pay the activation fee equivalent to the cost of the game
b) Login to the your account

Shazz2885d ago

microsoft basically used the core gamers to get in the door and loot them of years of xbox live only to turn round and take a meaty shit on there chests and build a kinect cable box

Conan-O-Brady2885d ago

Spot on. Why so few bubbles brother? Have a bubble........

supergravity2885d ago

tried to up vote ya again, while i was LMAO...that was their stated goal back in the day, in so many words of course. I believe if you've got the right clearance level you'll find that exact mission statement tucked away in an office up in redmond.

T22885d ago

3 bubbles, although i don't share your vehemence in argument, that post was funny as hell.

...oh and I already set my gold account to "not autorenew"

Gamer-Z2885d ago


Spot on, buble for you sir

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