db Techno: Condemned 2: Bloodshot Review

Condemned 2: Bloodshot is a very worthy sequel to one of the best launch games of the Xbox 360. The atmosphere and mechanics of the game will have you thrown into a world which will, to be quite honest, scare the crap out of you on many occasions. The great story, and enjoyable single-player experience make this survival/horror action hybrid a winner on the Xbox 360. Fair warning, if you play at night make sure you have someone on private chat to talk to, otherwise you may not be able to fall asleep after.

This one is not recommended for those weak in the knees.

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chaosatom3333866d ago

lots of game to rent. Army of two, RSV2, and now condemened 2, dark sector later.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3866d ago

Condemned 2 is a good game, it gives you an FPS mode after you beat it. It also has a nice little multiplayer counterpart.

picker3323866d ago

Isn't this game a fps game from the start?

JasonPC360PS3Wii3866d ago

No it's a First Person melee, they give you guns here and there but 98% is fist. FPS mode is all guns, unlimited ammo.

Rockwallaby3866d ago

demo is ok, but a miss 4 me

Fluffy2Duffy3866d ago

The demo is fantastic and cant wait to get my hands on, when was the last time a good horror game game out? I think the first Silent Hill?