First Impressions: PlayStation 4 vs. Xbox One – Who Fared Better?

FleshEatingZipper writes: Now that the stage is set, it’s time to rate the players. Three months ago, Sony spent 124 minutes showing off their new console, the PlayStation 4. Today, Microsoft spent half that time unveiling their third Xbox console, the Xbox One. So now that we’ve seen them both and still have an incredibly large amount of questions regarding them, how well do they fare?

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KingKelloggTheWH2889d ago

PlayStation left me wanting more,Xbox left me confused and scared of the future.

NeverEnding19892889d ago

There's only one certainty: Sony needs to go back to the drawing board for the Dualshock.

windblowsagain2889d ago

Why would Sony need to go back, the Dualshock is the best Controller ever made.

It's new edition looks to carry on the tradition.

MS need to go and look up the word games.

I almost expected another Fable and gears reveal.

KingKelloggTheWH2889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )

For the DS4?I think it could look a bit better,but it looks good functionality wise.

-Alpha2889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )

Xbox controller is really nice. I especially like the idea of resistant triggers.

But it completely lacks a touchpad, which I think is a pretty big thing as far as any real practical advantages go. I'm also unsure of the DPAD matching the PS4's. It still looks mushy.

The Dualshock 4 is a massive improvement. There's no way I can see anyone arguing otherwise or wanting to go back to the Dualshock 3. I have always felt that the Dualshock 3 complaints were rather fair when it came to deadzone complaints, cramping issues, etc. Sony has made it clear that they've addressed many complaints about the DS3. The DS4 has gotten nothing but positive press.

In fact, both controllers are more similar now more than ever.

HammadTheBeast2889d ago

Second certainty: MS needs to go to the drawing board for everything else.

zeal0us2889d ago

After reading what said Phil Harrison about always online and the paying a fee just play my game on my friend's console, I'm going with PS4.

MS shot themselves in the foot with this bs. Only way I'll getting a Xbox One is if someone else buys it for me. Just when you think MS took a few steps forward you realize they took one gigantic leap back.

Divine2889d ago

dualshock has better features including the touch pad. and i love how it seems like it wont interfere with game play if i don't want to use it. the triggers are amazing the analogs are amazing as well and the rumble is far more advanced. even though the controller war is still totally opinion. the ps4 controller is better and the 360 controller didn't really impress me at all if anything im a bit more disappointed because it seems to be even bulkier

_-EDMIX-_2889d ago

Don't know about you, but MS press event got me HOT!

-Don't need to swap HDD GREAT less work

-games install to HDD, GREAT disk is taking too much space and is loud

-no used games? piff who needs them I buy ALL my games new.

-Kniect is all I care about! GREAT SHOWING!


-PS4 doesn't have a cable guide guys...


all in all MS did a great job, They showed more games, more new IP's, KINECT and plus COD had a dog on it and you KNOW that COD DLC is going to be GREAT!!!!

DAY1 Xbox ONE will change my LIFE!......said no one ever.

4Sh0w2889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )

hmmmm I guess it just depends on the gamer, I watched it right after I got off work (DVR) with my family and a friend visiting, we own all the consoles except wii-u for now and we all liked it, I think generally neutral gamers will be impressed with it.

USMC_POLICE2889d ago

Not everyone likes their thumb sticks in weird spots on the controller.

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JokesOnYou2889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )

Scared?, very dramatic. Well when you come out from under your bed you'll see that while the ps4 is great, xbox one is going to be a great console as well that offers something different than ps4, and that's exactly what xbox fans want. Now you can hate micro but those denying its appeal to the masses will be undoubtedly be wrong. Gamers have a simple choice, nothing life can buy one or buy both but either way for those of us who enjoyed our 360's it looks like a good start for the next gen xbox.

LightofDarkness2889d ago

"for those of us who enjoyed our 360's it looks like a good start for the next gen xbox."

No... it's not. I loved my 360. This thing betrays me.

TheFirstClassic2889d ago

Microsoft spent way more time talking about TV and apps than gaming, in a conference which was meant to reveal a GAMING console... Think about that. Terrible conference, it looks like the xbox one will be more of an entertainment hub than a gaming platform, which is not what I, as a gamer, want.

Chapter112889d ago

Tough day for MS fanboys, huh?

Majin-vegeta2889d ago

Enjoying paying your used game fee.Not to mention being online at least once a day,.

I will refrain from using the word that describes you.cuz i don't feel like getting banned.

Good day sir.

yesmynameissumo2889d ago

Internet required. Used game blocks. Masses.

One of these things is not like the others...

KingKelloggTheWH2889d ago

I enjoyed playing Games on my 360,but that wasn't even the focus here.

JokesOnYou2889d ago

Uhmm it wasn't E3 it was a 1hr long hardware reveal, and still there were game reveals but that wasn't the focus, what exactly about that is a betrayal?

Why o why2889d ago

I think you saying some need to come out from under their beds is a little dismissive. We've all been told, from the optimists to the pessimists, to wait for the reveal. It's arrived and GAMING wasn't even ms's opening.

People labeled as droids, cheerleaders, fanboys etc have been saying that ms has been slyly shifting their focus for the past few years, especially since kinect. Doesn't this reveal make you understand where the 'naysayers' where coming from.. I've been saying that its better to wait and see and I'll stand by that up until e3 at least but today filled me with zero confidence. MS's identity is becoming blurry. How can you kick your reveal off with media services and expect people not to question your direction.. . ? Honestly, smh

Mainsqueeze2889d ago

Someone really needs to prove the needs internet connection and used games fees because i haven't heard any of these things are certain from an official source. Quite the opposite actually.

JokesOnYou2889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )

@Why o Why, I wasn't being dismissive I just think he was being overdramatic with the "scared" stuff just for the sake of n4g. Now as far as I can tell most folks who tend to be fans of 360 have just said you will get questions answered and of course learn about rumors/specs etc when the console is shown May 21st, sure in response to folks saying it wont have any games you would naturally disagree, but I don't think any sensible/a lot of xbox fans thought you would see a ton of exclusives at what even Microsoft said BEFORE the event would be focused on hardware. So I don't know what you are talking about, in fact the vast majority of those damm "rumors" were about hardware/always online/name. Again sony showed I think 1 more exclusive and a few more multiplats than micro did, however sonys presentation was longer and honestly I don't think they have the same depth of media content to show, especially when they didn't even show the console itself.

-Posted24 April 2013
"at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in Los Angeles, we'll continue the conversation and showcase our full lineup of blockbuster games." -Major Nelson

-lol, that's just one example of them outright saying this event isn't about they did exactly as expected, explained the hardware/new media/tv related features

Divine2889d ago

too my comment above i ment to say xbox one controller seems a bit bulkier

morganfell2889d ago

You can take the MS "games at E3" with a grain of salt.

MS have polled and polled their userbase for years over the next Xbox. They knew what the people wanted and they knew what they needed to bring to this presser and still they did not do it. They ignored every bit of polling data, every forum, and every article telling them what they had to do and still they did not.


Because the fact is they do not have the games ready for this machine. The handful they do have they needed to save in order not to be completely overwhelmed by Sony at E3 so they are saving every scrap of ammo they have and are praying for rain. They grossly mistook Sony's plans and they have erred in their own timing. Worst of all they have misunderstood their very own fanbase. 360 gamers are running from this thing like it is the plague.

Microsoft started tracking years ago to take the Wii casual route. Their plans were actually heading down this road under such steam that when they saw what Sony was doing it was too late to turn the train. Now it is heading off the tracks and no amount of waiting for games E3 is going to stop the derailment.

Bottom line is a game machine must first and foremost play games and do it well. If you think 360 owners are loving Xbox One then just like MS you can't understand research data nor can you read a forum.

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stuna12889d ago

I can't believe anyone has the audacity to ask that question at this point!

I'm expecting at E3 for Microsoft to say they have created the first artificial intelligence.

M-M2889d ago

Artificial rocket science.

-GametimeUK-2889d ago

Same. I think this is the first time ever I can label one console "good" and the other "evil".

fsfsxii2889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )

Honestly, i was a bit excited for the show, but i now i want the time i wasted back

I remember that they pushed this shitty reveal a month ago, i wonder what could've happened if they didn't push the reveal a month...

3-4-52889d ago

These are both primarily gaming machines...

Sony focuses on games and thus they have won round 1.

We can't really get an intelligent insight into everything until we've seen what each has to offer at E3.

And Don't count Nintendo out either. They will be announcing games that will sell 2+ million copies and will be responsible for selling Wii U's.

They are already in the swing of things, so they have their initial launch and are working on the real first big "push" in terms of great games on their system.

Sony's lineup looks solid.....Nintendo is introducing It's big 4....

Microsoft needs to wow us with some games.

4Sh0w2889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )

yeah I agree that's why E3 will be even more amazing, its going to be a even more competitive race this time with both launching basicly at the same time= good for gamers.

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greenpowerz2889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )

Showing of solid features, console operating system working on an actual console with the motion camera hardware and games running a console with almost 20 games promised many new Ip's *vs* PC(console) running games on a console spec PC with no hardware shown or motion camrea even though talked about and People think *gues Who* won? LMAO


Just look at the story PIC! and be aware of Sony's history of claims about new playstation consoles before a PS launch

PirateThom2889d ago

Remember when you were saying the new XBox didn't block used games and didn't require an internet connection?

Truly good times.

XBONE's launch is the worst console launch I have ever witnessed, even worse than the PS3.

2889d ago
duli142889d ago

Don't write it as XBONE dude it sounds like X BONE lol as if the look of the console and features weren't bad enough

rainslacker2889d ago


Link to dispel the reports please.

The X1 will require a fee to play used games, so essentially it blocks used games. Spin it however you want it.

Also, it's been said to play your games you will have to get online every 24 hours to play your installed games. Not quite as bad as always-on, but still DRM no matter how you spin it

Maybe it's the media trying to poison us again? Or maybe it's MS trying to poison us, since these things were said by MS own mouths.

The features were solid and interesting, although they didn't really appeal to me. I will give them credit where it's due, but this stuff isn't going to work as cool as it seems. There are just too many variables in the home to make it be that fluid even half the time, and this system really seems geared for a US market, which is much much smaller than the rest of the world combined.

15 exclusive games promised, 8 new IP's. Good amount actually. Most other games announced will be multi-plat, so nothing to differentiate it on the market. My question to you is, do you care more about the features or the games? Because if you care about the games, then this conference was really really bad. If you care about the games, this conference should have made you angry.

This conference wasn't even about the console or it's hardware. Very little was said about that. It was about what kind of stuff MS wants to push into the living room to finally achieve their goal of becoming the center of everyone's life. It was about services and TV. Games took a huge backseat. I'm willing to wait for E3, but Sony managed to show both services, features, and most importantly games.

Gridloc2889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )

Motion camera hardware, it's called Kinect. 20 games, most of which will also say Kinect. New IP's, you might best look elsewhere...

TheFirstClassic2889d ago

The 15 exclusive games within the first year aren't what you may think they are. Most will be xbla games or kinect games, very few will be core retail games. Sony showed us that the ps4 puts gaming first. MS showed us that the Xbox One will be focused on movies, music, TV, and apps just as much if not more than gaming. Not a good sign in my opinion, but I'll withhold full judgement till e3. Today's conference was pretty bad though.

Skips2889d ago

Damage control FTW!


Pyrrhus2889d ago

Remember when you also said the next xbox would have backwards compatability?

stuna12889d ago

Still delusional I see! Obviously you were watching a different conference than everyone else, because the few trailers that were shown by MS were CGI and ghost trailer wasn't actual gameplay! Hell I think it suffice to say that The Last of Us pretty much looked better than anything they showed for the Xbox 1.

Their whole conference was pretty much a copy and paste of the Sony conference minus the bells and whistles, all the way down to a redesighned controller.

stuna12889d ago

It"s a shame that it has come to this! But this is something that has been hinted at this whole generation. Then you have the apoligist saying that it wouldn't happen, those who knew what was going on constantly being called fanboys, delusional or what have you.

Now it's a reality! How could some believe that Microsoft coming off a Billion dollar Live network, wouldn't find some way of capitalizing off of more intrusive ways of making even more money? This is why they are so adament about focusing on media! just look at who were at their unveil: Steven Speilberg, NBA Commisioner, EA boss! These billion dollar players, dealing with massive revnues.

Theres a saying "It takes money, to make money"! What do you thinkink happenes when you get all these moneymakers in one room? They figure out ways to make more money.

bigrob9042889d ago

it's funny cuz i was like, why does last of us look better than that call of duty game. as a matter of fact i could name off some ps3 games that look much better than that.

BrianC62342889d ago

Sony doesn't lie about things. They did show Killzone 2 that didn't end up looking like what they showed but Killzone 3 was really close to it. Sony seems to understand hardware a lot more than Microsoft too. I think the reason Microsoft is going with GDDR3 RAM is they don't care if they have the best graphics. They're more interested in using their console with your TV. I hardly watch TV anymore so I'm not interested.

MysticStrummer2889d ago

Careful green. All that spinning is gonna make you puke. People all over the web are saying this reveal was a fail, and Wall Street agreed.

_-EDMIX-_2889d ago

This reveal was so damn bad, most 360 fans are not supporting or defending it. I mean crap how can you? I mean DAMN! IT BLOCKS USED GAMES!

Oh you want to play it at a friends house......for a fee (oh theres no fee) thats just PAY THE FULL PRICE! DA FUQ?

And to all the "wait til E3" unless MS comes out and says "oh yeah forget about what was said on the 21st, jk yolo we really mean it plays used games, no online requirement, and you can freely swap hdds etc" its over.

I really don't care what games they show from there crap studios. I won't pay for such a device for a couple of games, mind you from such a untrustworthy publisher as MS.

rainslacker2889d ago

I went over to MS Xbox forums, and surprisingly there weren't that many posts about the XB1. The ones that were there were people saying how bad the reveal was, and it wasn't for them.

Now, you may say that's not Xbox fans just haters, but quite a few of them did have high ratings or gamer scores. It certainly isn't them speaking for all Xbox fans, but it's not a good sign.

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Pillsbury12889d ago

All they showed was more kinect and a halo tv series and nfl partnership. Gamers care about games.

SuperSteve2889d ago

God forbid the machine I play games on do anything else.

kneon2889d ago

It's fine for a game console to do other things, but gaming should be front and center, not an afterthought.

BABYLEG2889d ago

Right. I may as well get an n64 where if the cartridge isn't in the console, nothing comes up on the tv.

Number-Nine2889d ago

xbox 1, im just playin'