Will Used Games Work on Xbox One? Backwards Compatibility & More Questions Answered Here

GameTrailers asks important questions about XBOX One, and gets answers.

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jony_dols3776d ago

'The kicker is here is that if you want to play that game disc on your friend's Xbox One, a fee will be required...They would then have to purchase the right to play that game through Xbox Live."'

If I insert my used disks up into Bill Gates arse, will I have to pay a fee?

Donnieboi3776d ago

If he likes it enough, Bill should pay us. He's got plenty of cash to go around :P

Ashlen3776d ago (Edited 3776d ago )

I would pay a fee to watch that lol.

SJPFTW3776d ago (Edited 3776d ago )

actually your wrong, you dont have to pay a fee as long as you sign into your account on the buddies xbox

"Update - Microsoft's Larry Hryb has issued the following clarification:

Another piece of clarification around playing games at a friend’s house – should you choose to play your game at your friend’s house, there is no fee to play that game while you are signed in to your profile."


Gamestop is getting screwed over though

Pyrrhus3776d ago

It also means you cant borrow the game to your friend, unless of coarse he has access to your profile. Its a flawed system.

jer11223776d ago

Who cares either way it's dumb. So people that have family's can't play on different xbox in the same house or swap games with friends . To have to sign into a friends profile is retarded this is just a terrible move . I think m$ is has really outdone them selfs with this bs , I think this console is not going to do as well as they think .

Neo-Axl3776d ago

Just say I let my friend borrow the game, say.. a single player game, a game he/she could enjoy alone, they'd have to sign into my account in order to enjoy it?

Not worth the trouble, as far as I know the PS4 doesn't do this, thus making my purchase this Winter more solid than ever before.

This is not the future of gaming, it's like you don't own the games you buy.

Veni Vidi Vici3776d ago

I couldn't care less about that clarification. I won't be buying the Xbox One on that bit of information alone. If I can't use Gamefly or borrow a friend's game without having to log into his account, I don't want anything to do with the console.

Boody-Bandit3776d ago

No Gamefly = no buy.
I didn't know this tidbit of information.
Now all I have to say is MS it's been a blast but I feel we have grown apart. Good luck to you, CIAO.

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stuna13776d ago

Did'nt you know Bill Gates is a robot? He would just keep spitting them out, saying "Does not compute".

xXBlondieVanHarlowXx3776d ago

Wasn't Bill Gates arrested once? He's probably had far worse than discs, so it wouldn't even phase him...

Bigpappy3776d ago

You guys know steam already has this right? If you take your copy to another PC, it will not work under another steam account.

Thegamer413776d ago

Dont compare pc gaming to console gaming, since when do people take pc games to a freinds house to play split screen multiplayer for example. Us that have been gaming for over a decade know the feeling of going to a friends house for some multiplayer on consoles, the same cannot be said about pc games.

badz1493776d ago

No more used games or even gamefly? Smooth move MS! This is even worse than the always online rumor! See how fanboys will try to defend this!

THamm3776d ago

you can play multiplayer games with your friends, stream movies or TV shows right away, and enjoy the community and social features of Xbox Live.
Xbox One can recognize you, log you in and tailor your home screen just for you.

So this means that X1 will take my facial recognition and store it with Microsoft and its affiliates (Gov, Isreali military, etc) and log me into my friends X1 simply by walking in the room. Wow talk about being watched, beware of a drone coming your way

ZodTheRipper3776d ago

Gamestop won't like this. Just like almost everybody.

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yugovega3776d ago

of course they won't work. but then again are you going to be able to find any used games for it since no one is going to buy the system in the first place?

fsfsxii3776d ago (Edited 3776d ago )

Kinect is mandatory, serious BS right there, just looking at it is giving me the creeps
Also, lets see how the Xbox die hards respond to the lack of BC, i want to see SDF Repellent response to that since he considers it a "BLOW" to sony

That dude needs some serious medication

Pyrrhus3776d ago

According to greenpowerz, Sony is shaking in fear.

Sarobi3776d ago

"but Xbox One does require a connection to the Internet"

I still don't get this.. earlier I read something about having to log in at least once every 24 hours.

Pyrrhus3776d ago

It seems no one is on the same page. It is really an embarrassment.

zerocrossing3776d ago

This is absolutely appalling! no one should have to pay a fee to get "permission" to play a used game.