Postal 3 for Xbox 360 announced

Running With Scissors' today announced they will be cooperating with developer Akella to bring Postal 3 to the Xbox 360. The game will be build on the Source engine, used for Half-Life 2.

Details not reveiled yet, but the game should be released in Europe somewhere in 2008.

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The Milkman5894d ago (Edited 5894d ago )

I knew about this close to the Xbox 360 launch day. But it wasnt confirmed yet but I was excited and curious of to what limits they will take this extremely violent game to. You can check out the demo or buy the older version on its site somewhere.
Man I cant wait to see how awesomely violent it will look on a next gen console. Postal 2 has been banned from alot of stores but you can just buy it online. Yea but I think they are going to push it to limits with Postal 3 also so expect some parents to be complaining about this one.

THWIP5894d ago

Dead Rising
Gears of War
Saint's Row
and now Postal (Although I know I'm leaving out alot more upcoming titles)

If you like violence, get a 360. :D

zonetrooper55894d ago

I have never heard of postal and i have never played, is it like GTA or what ?

THWIP5894d ago

...and was originally more of a spoof/tongue-in-cheek title, with over-the-top violence. It's apparently gained enough of a following, to make the leap to mainstream console gaming, with a much more sophisticated engine.

ScorpioKyle5894d ago

oh man, i loved Postal 2. It was really brutal. To the point where i could knock someones head off with a shovel, then kick it around and sometimes dogs woudl play fetch with the severed head. also you could use a gasoline can spread it around and throw the match and light everything on fire. PLUS! you could KILL GARY COLEMAN!