Xbox One Reveal: Angry Rant

Angry Joe tells us exactly what he thinks of the Xbox One reveal event.

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jensen863546d ago

u hit the nail on the head wiv that rant i fink

Root3545d ago (Edited 3545d ago )

Joe is pretty good with his rants I'll give him that....I like how he realises this "Wait for E3" BS

It's an added bonus to me that he sounds a little bit like Patton Oswalt, aka Spence from King of Queens :)

ShinMaster3545d ago

Sony also said to wait for E3. But that didn't stop them from actually showing off what is mostly important about a GAMING console.

Microsoft just threw around a bunch of adjectives like "revolutionary" and "game changing" which meant nothing in the end.

dedicatedtogamers3545d ago (Edited 3545d ago )

I saw this when he posted it on twitter. Hilarious!

I love how the Microsoft fanbase is pulling - literally - a reversal of what happened with the PS3 in 2006.

Some of the things the Microsoft fanbase mocked Sonyfor:

PS3 - hard drive installs
Xbox One - mandatory full game installs

PS3 - Blu Ray player (we bought our console for games, not movies)
Xbox One - movie streaming, Blu Ray, TV streaming, music streaming, everything non-gaming related

PS3 - $599
Xbox One - No confirmed price, but bundled Kinect plus 500 Gb HDD in every system ain't gonna be cheap.

Digitaldude3545d ago

Joe is awesome, tells it like it is.

Campy da Camper3546d ago

Jesus he's spot on all right. My biggest fear now is a ps4 shortage.

febreeze13545d ago

Well you better camp gamestop during sony's conference so as kaz says "You can pre-order at your local gamestop now!" you'll be the first one :) I plan on doing that lol

Kevin McCallister3545d ago

Lol, same here. I was just sitting here thinking to myself if I wanna try to pre-order on Amazon and await UPS delivery..., try to reserve at a brick and mortar Gamestop, or do the overnight thing. I'm hoping to get in an early preorder at my local Gamestop, and if not, Amazon will be option #2. I waited in the rain and cold for 8 hours to get my 360 and it is not an experience I wish to repeat.

Veneno3545d ago

That Joe has a lotta energy.

joshuatobi3545d ago

Yea all those loyal xbox fans that purchase it are idiots and blinded by their idiotic ideals

Eldyraen3545d ago

If I buy it, its pretty much because I buy all my games new and am online 100% of the time anyways. Well that and they ended up having games I enjoy.

If I don't buy it, just means their games didn't hold up. I can ignore the rest as I've dealt with much of the same with PC gaming and it never got in my way so far.

The exact same can be said for PS4--however I admit the likelyhood of me not picking one up at this point is roughly zero. It at least showed more games and some gameplay to go by. Everything is open to change between now and release though but E3 and other conventions can seal the deal sooner.

There is a difference between blind faith, hope, and then accepting the truth once we see it for ourselves.

nolifeking3545d ago

I call bs. I don't go out polling or anything, but I'm fairly confident your Internet has either gone down or not been strong enough to hold a connection. Absolutes are for liars and science.

Eldyraen3545d ago (Edited 3545d ago )

Of course there are occasional hiccups outside of my control--but I'm saying when I'm home its not like my console isn't hooked up to the internet anyways. The rarity of my connection going out (outside of maybe a storm which knocked out electricity or damages a line) is extremely rare though and I could care less if I'm denied a short stint of gaming as there are always something else I can do to fill that time.

As much as I love gaming my life doesn't revolve around it to the point I'm going to go into withdrawal or have a connection if something happens. Proof: I didn't throw a hissy fit when PSN went down and its unlikely my internet will be down near as long as that took to get fixed.

Outside of unforeseen circumstances though its still up and stable 99.9% of the time and being an semantic whore won't change that fact. Enjoy your trolling.

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