Shuhei Yoshida President of Sony's Worldwide Studios Responds to Xbox One Announcement

Pretty ''Funny'' respond.

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Enemy2884d ago (Edited 2884d ago )

Epic response calls for the most epic video of all time:

@ below: No need to spell it out. Everyone already knows...

4 > One

blackbeld2884d ago (Edited 2884d ago )

PS4 > Xbox one

Hahaha HTC One?

KillrateOmega2884d ago

From one Delsin to another, I sincerely thank you for linking that epic work of art :)

Army_of_Darkness2884d ago

Looks like the wiiU has a better chance of survival now that htc one is revealed.


Kaz also shared his thoughts about the design:

Pintheshadows2884d ago

Haha, yes! As a grammaton cleric!

Snookies122884d ago (Edited 2884d ago )

That video! Oh dear lord that was funny! Bubble + for you my friend.

Kevin ButIer2884d ago

You sir made my day with that vid LOL

hellzsupernova2884d ago

I hope you know that's a fake twitter account :)

Gazondaily2884d ago

Lmao!!! Oh man my stomach.........

Why didn't I see that before!!?!

zeee2884d ago (Edited 2884d ago )

Enemy! Have a bubble man! That was one of the most funniest videos I have EVER seen. I am sure that every gamer regardless of his platform choice is going to enjoy this video. Epic epic epic!


By the way, this sh** needs to go VIRAL!

YNWA962884d ago

Most people on here being 'smart' are the tiny minority. Microsoft knows the massive majority out there would never be here reading immature schoolboy stuff. The shlt being written here I expect to see when your 10-11 years old. Surprised to see Sony get involved... wonderful stuff, highlight of your lives so far? Miserable existence....

Baka-akaB2884d ago

Bitter much ? When an xbox boat goads the ps3 launch it's tongue in cheek fun (actually i do agree it is and nothing much) ... but one glib or joke and it's pathetic ?

Retroman2884d ago (Edited 2884d ago )

that was funny as Hell.

Enemy, bubble to u

Freedomland2884d ago (Edited 2883d ago )


And yet you are here.
Stop trying to break walnuts with your ass, get a better tool and do something constructive.

YNWA962883d ago

I usually do not comment, just saddened to see the remarks, making fun, insulting and the stuff that goes way beyond. I am a gamer, right now own Wii, 360 and PS3. Enjoy them all, and it does not matter to me whats under the hood, but as a gamer I am considered the same as the rest that come here and act like babies. We need to grow up and stick together as one, because this medium is still considered very negative in mainstream. Did not intend to insult any of the intelligent ones here, the rest, c'mon...

Freedomland2883d ago


I respect your opinion but if your opinion becomes insult that is not tolerable.
We are all gamers but we all have the right to agree or disagree.
We all come here to share our ideas, opinions, puns, jokes, information and personal likes dislikes.
These comments are not any thesis, research papers or any kind of rocket science.
Fun is intended here.

YNWA962883d ago

@ Freedomland

Fair enough, its a shame though, 2 companies releasing next gen, obviously one will be more powerful than the other, but still powerful. I will at some stage have both, but sad to see the bickering and complaining.... just sad.

Freedomland2883d ago


Don't be sad over some comments, mate.
Not worth it.

Kurylo3d2883d ago (Edited 2883d ago )

@Gman, take the stick out of your butt. What is under the hood dictates what type of games you will be getting. Problem with microsoft is they are clearly dropping the ball. Good luck to them, but to say dont call out garbage when u see garbage because were "too mature and all gamers"... just sounds rediculous on your part.

Plus ... really... stop being so uptight. Are you saying CEOs and leaders of corporations cant have a laugh at their competitions expense?

FunkMacNasty2883d ago

Oh MAn!!! That video was hilarious!! My favorite part was when Reggie Fils-Aime just took a quick peek to check on the action,, then retreated!! LOL!!!

FunkMacNasty2883d ago

Oh MAn!!! That video was hilarious!! My favorite part was when Reggie Fils-Aime just took a quick peek to check on the action...then retreated!! LOL!!!

trouble_bubble2883d ago

That video is legendary, I don't even, BAH HA HA !! :p

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Donnieboi2884d ago (Edited 2884d ago )

MS just handed over the reigns to Sony. Easy.

MS screwed up.

SegataSanshiro2884d ago

Hi guys, Segata Sanshiro here. I just wanna say that ns put the rope on their necks, the new xbox is an absolute joke. It's the same UI. What a garbage console aimed at casuals and people who don't even play games. The call of duty demo is when I said: that's it, I'm going for ps4 this gen. It looks like crap seriously. I'm sorry for starting with ms last gen, Sony will never disappoint.

But I still hate you all Sony blind fangirls that get all violent and lose their minds when someone says something about Sony.

Triforce0792884d ago

And Nintendo unless ur blind stupid.

Waller2884d ago

@SegataSanshiro So you hate it because it has the same UI? It actually doesn't; it has an evolved interface. I bet the PS4 still uses the XMB, just like all of Sony's products as of late. And you can't judge the console based on the Ghosts demo; it's a cross-platform title, not an exclusive. The game will look the same on both consoles. All they did was reveal the game at the Xbox One reveal, not give a tech demo of the Xbox One with it.

HappyGaming2883d ago

@Waller PS Vita PS4 and Sony phones don't feature the XMB anywhere so I don't know what you are talking about.

Why would Microsoft show one of the worst looking next gen games we have seen so far?

Why did Activision compare Ghost to MW3 and not to Ghost on the 360 if the difference was huge?

Wouldn't you want to show off your graphics and tell people these is what the console can do?

Instead they just showed us TV shows, fantasy football and poor multiplats.

wampdog292883d ago

@Waller no, the PS4 actually doesn't use the XMB... they showed images of their new UI in February...

omi25p2883d ago (Edited 2883d ago )

There are more Core exclusives for the ONE than there the PS4


Forza 5
Quantum Break
Black tusk game
Halo 5
Platform next studios Game
Lion Head Game

Gran Turismo 6
Infamous Second Son
Killzone Shadow Fall

Also that RYSE trailer for 2011 looks really good, I wonder if thats how good the game will look graphically.

shark61902883d ago

@omi25p You're forgetting to add DriveClub, Knack, Beyond: Two Souls,Doki-Doki Universe and The Witness to that PS4 list.

HappyGaming2883d ago

Ooops looks like you shot yourself in the foot there PS4 seems to have more exclusives at the moment. Lets be realistic Microsoft will release a few triple A games but half way down the line when the price drops they will once again market it to mums and children that only want to play Call of Duty and Halo and you can forget any other exclusives from them.

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dj3boud2884d ago

lool, good one

i am an xbox original and 360 owner and i am deeply disappointed in M$

JeffGUNZ2883d ago

I don't understand why everyone is so deeply disappointed? They already made clear that the reveal was going to be about the system itself and E3 will be all about the games. I'd rather them get the technical stuff out of the way now and give me a conference all about games. If MS delivers with some great groundbreaking exclusives, then they are in the drivers seat. If not, then it's time to start to worry.

Kurylo3d2883d ago

They are disappointed becuase the technical stuff is disappointing. Sonys console has an edge.

Blaze9292884d ago (Edited 2884d ago )

soooo its funny when Sony makes childish jokes (which btw, was not funny). But when Microsoft does it...oh yeah.

I'm not a hater. Nor a fanboy. But this truly wasn't funny. The fact that a 790 degree story is a freaking TWEET - about nothing - just shows how sad this place is. Seriously.

thehitman2883d ago

It was kinda funny but you know why its not completely wrong by Sony? Cus MS actually completely dropped the ball and not even the heads at MS can be sitting comfortably knowing the overwhelming bad response from EVERYONE (besides the delusional guy at Forbes).

TheSurg2883d ago

I do have to agree. N4G became a fanboy fest. Fanboy of one specific company. Seems like their whole life is about Sony. It's really sad.

rainslacker2883d ago (Edited 2883d ago )

It was just good-natured ribbing. Not unlike you would do with your friends. Keep in mind these executives of competing companies do not hate each other. They work together a lot more than you might imagine. Either way, the man is entitled to his opinion just like the rest of us.

If I had to guess, I would say the people over at Sony aren't like, "Oh Thank God! MS really screwed up this time. We got it easy now". MS reveal while not much for us gamers does pose serious competition, particularly if MS puts their full marketing force behind it. There were desirable features for a lot of consumers shown, and that's going to cause competition.

Tei7772883d ago

Its not that serious. Seriously.

Objective2883d ago

The state of this site is truly deplorable, an unflattering reflection of the kind of fanboys that exist.

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Bleucrunch2883d ago

awesome response lolololol I love it

showtimefolks2883d ago

Lol Sony us back to its confidence self. This will be fun

Psn8002883d ago

I have had a shock with the first (BetaMax) Xbox one that is what it looks like and even hardcore Xbox fans have turned against Ms with this catastrophe of a contraption .

3-4-52883d ago

I'm an xbox fan. Own both consoles....The only chance Microsoft has left is this:

* Those 15 games better be awesome.

* Those 8 "New" IP's better get us excited about gaming.

* outside of that ^ their only hope is that enough fantasy sports fans buy this so they can track their fantasy sports while watching games.

* They are gambling on casuals buying this for reasons other than gaming.

* So they need people to buy this because it's watching tv differently..

Not a smart tactic. I don't understand how these companies can have Money and gaming gift wrapped to them and then they throw it away because they aren't intelligent enough to know it's value.

I'm beyond disappointed in the xbox one reveal, but mainly for the used games.

I SAVED $300 this past year from Gamestop using their rewards card.

Had I have to buy all those games new I would have had to spend another $500.

I just bought a 3DS and stocked up on old DS games. Imagine if I had to buy them all for $40 again instead of getting most for $5-15 ?

Microsoft is just out of touch with reality enough to screw this one up.

Games are their last hope.....I'm not sure they realize this though.

The controller looks awesome.. I'm just sad I may never get to use it.

Psn8002883d ago

Respect here's a Bubble for you .

Psn8002882d ago

I gave you a Bubble !

ZombieKiller2883d ago

ahhhhh that's my new slogan for this whole thing. "4 is greater than one"

I love this. xbax Juan is teh fails!

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iamlegend99992884d ago

Lol, that was totally not funny. But ill still buy your console.

S-T-F-U2884d ago

Why did I read that in the voice of Peter Griffin?

SignifiedSix912884d ago

Lol seems like the bigwigs over at sony are just as childish as their fans.

Clarence2884d ago

Yeah ok and that a$$hole Arron Greenberg has never said childish things about Sony and the PS3.

“No one knows what Blu-ray will be. It’s pretty clear it is not the next DVD, right? The days of one physical format being the standard are gone… Let’s say right now we’re not sure if it’s the next UMD or the next DVD.”

Now the Xbox 1 has blu ray

The_Blue2884d ago

Agreed. I thought this website was interesting and debates and discussion will be back with facts and sense.

Then I realize these are gamers, and most of the playstation fanboys here are biased.

I own both systems. Fanboyism is the closest thing to being a hipster on here.

Root2884d ago (Edited 2884d ago )

It would of been better if he said

"Oh sorry I was busy watching TV...on my TV"

Relientk772884d ago

Haha, that woulda been great

irepbtown2884d ago

Who watches TV on a TV when you can have a console to watch TV on your TV.

rainslacker2883d ago

LOL. That would of been funny. Indifference is better than insult though.:)

dalibor2884d ago

While no company is perfect lets see what Sony and MS have in store for E3. The Xbox 1 does not look like anything I would have imagined though. MS should have stuck with the 360 design but worked upon it. And thank goodness it supports Blu ray, those disks are great thanks to the coating it has so games can last a lot longer without getting scratched up and bruised.