Spielberg’s ‘Halo’ Series Is Probably Doomed

FleshEatingZipper writes: Spielberg appeared in a recorded segment during Microsoft’s Xbox One conference today to unveil the Halo TV series he’s working on. This isn’t the first time, nor likely the last, that a major Hollywood director has shown up at a Microsoft conference, which spells doom for whatever he’s doing going forward. The first to set off this disturbing trend? Steven Spielberg.

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Root2885d ago

Spielberg is just there for promotional reasons....he's just producing it

He produced Falling Skies and it was hyped for months...then it ended up to be average at best, yet his name was plastered all over adverts like he wrote and directed the damn thing when he was only a producer. Like how with Person of Interest they made it seem like JJ Abrams was making it when he was just a producer.

If he was that bothered about Halo he would of asked to work on a Halo movie.

Enemy2885d ago (Edited 2885d ago )

You got a disagree probably from someone who seriously thought he was called in to direct. He got paid to promote the reveal and he'll produce (not direct) this terrible show. He's had his name attached to countless crap, including movies he's directed, so I'm not sure why people still care about using this guy for hype.

SatanSki2885d ago

Probably most people still havent heard about fails like Falling Skies firmed by Spielberg. Yesterday my frined was hyped hearing the news untill i told him how it will probably go. He is into SciFi and still didnt heard about FS.

JokesOnYou2885d ago (Edited 2885d ago )

Now you've been smoking to much Root or whatever, Forward Until Dawn is already great, adding Speilberg talents to the Halo Universe should be fun to watch in a TV series, you guys just love to hate on anything xbox related. Its funny and sad at the same time.

Root2885d ago

Hate on anything Xbox related....are you kidding, did you see a differnt conference from the rest of us.

If there was a Halo movie coming out writen and directed by him then fair enough but he's only producing the series....nothing more. I'm just stating that people are assuming it's going to be amazing because of him and that they think he's directing it when he's not.

You can't blame people who hating Microsoft at the minute with all this crap going on. There reveal was terrible and the PR disaster after was even worse. You can't put on a fake smile and pretend that everything will be fine. We've seen this happen before and it never ends well at E3

Enemy2885d ago (Edited 2885d ago )

Everyone hates what they saw today. If you think it's just N4G, why did Microsoft's stock drop while Sony's shot up by 9%? Must be a result of N4G/SDF!

It's funny and sad the few that can't admit Microsoft had a terrible, ultimately pointless meeting today. Xbox is supposed to be for games. It's how they built their fan base to begin with. But they continue to make these conferences more about betrayal than actual gaming. Keep accepting it and they'll keep doing it. It's not difficult to understand.

sir_fortesque2885d ago

Spielberg is just producing, which is not very exciting. He is the executive producer for Transformers after all.

JokesOnYou2885d ago (Edited 2885d ago )

NO the only bad news for me was afterwards with the used game fee mess, I don't like it along with most xbox fans/gamers and hopefully micro might change this but that 1 thing doesn't automatically mean there wasn't a lot of good things we saw powerful hardware specs, some new games, Kinect improvements, media, software, entertainment intergration was impressive as most sites acknowledge and this is good news for Halo fans, but you of course would try to spin it otherwise which is why you are in every xbox thread with the same talking points.

EVILDEAD3602885d ago

@ Jokes

'Now you've been smoking to much Root or whatever, Forward Until Dawn is already great'

I definitely co-sign on Forward unto Dawn.I was definitely impressed at how good it was.

They couldn't have enlisted a much better candidate than Speilburg to produce the show.


JokesOnYou2885d ago (Edited 2885d ago )

Yeah I mean saying he's just producing it is so transparent, so what he's produced a lot of great work if you know his history especially some of the war films and documentaries he's produced are iconic. I'm not taking Root seriously, he knows as well as I do that folks will love to see a legendary film maker like Speilberg work on a legendary franchise like Halo, he's just jealous and we both know if he was producing a Uncharted TV series I bet he would be saying how he must love working with sony for free. lol

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urwifeminder2885d ago

Looking forward to see this thank you so much ms.

ginsunuva2885d ago

Forgot the /s there. Don't worry I gotcha pal.

Shadonic2885d ago

It should be along the lines of the live action Halo trailers they were great and a forward unto Dawn feel. The name of the show needs to be changed as well.

Cueil2885d ago

Because they've never had any success with serialized Halo series... This has been tested with the animated webisodes... it did well enough to green light this and personally excited to see where this goes. If Microsoft series is produced half as well as their commercials it'll be awesome.

Shadonic2885d ago

I think forward unto dawn was the main influence with this. There's also the thing with the Halo movie basically being canceled and stuff because of MS being really strict or something so it guess they just said " Wait!!! were a billion dollar company we can make it ourselves" It could work but it needs to nail that feel that the trailers bring. I would prefer them to fallow a spartan like if it were to be master chief they can never show his face unless its when hes a child, or maybe a different spartan 2. there's also spartan 3's and if they want to do spartan 4's they need to introduce the history of Spartans and really pull the viewer into the current state and the universe. I would like it if they for intense had the main character work his way up as an ODST and then he becomes a spartan 4 later on and possibly can end up to the series connection to Halo 5 which would have Halo story fangirls going berserk if they had the didact in at the series end. This is not how i want the series to be though i would prefer us fallowing a spartan 2 or 3 maybe Johnson, this is just for if they wanted to start it off from Halo 4.

Cueil2884d ago

lets wait and judge it by how entertaining it is... It could be about a failed Spartan for all I care as long as it's fun to watch... that would actually be pretty funny...

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