Gamers Not Particularly Happy With Xbox One

Gamers Not Particularly Happy With Xbox One

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xHeavYx2889d ago

Unless you are a Playstation user, then you are very happy

LOGICWINS2889d ago

Your not looking at the big picture. If Microsoft gets boxed out of the industry, then Sony will essentially monopolize core gaming without competition. Hence giving them more room to exploit core console gamers. Any consumer who doesn't want competition in business is an idiot.

NameRemoved00172889d ago

Actually it will switch from Microsoft Vs PS4 to Valve/pc gaming vs PS4.

FlameHawk2889d ago

Well I'm not sure, PS2 basically dominated its time and it was fine. Also there is Nintendo.

-Alpha2889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )

Sony was at their best when they practically monopolized with the PS2. Unlike MS at their height (360), Sony supported and funded games that may not have been all about the money (ICO).

Yeah, they did milk gamers (multitap, ethernet add on, memory card), while MS offered the more valuable box (more powerful, HDD, 4 controller support, etc.) but I have to say, Sony has generally been pretty solid with their philosophy.

Yeah, they messed up huge with PS3. It's ironic to me how PS3 and 360 fans are now flipped. Media is eating out MS, and the X1 videos have a lot of downvotes. This is pretty much this generation, with the shoe of mockery on the other foot.

MS was a great option for a lot of gamers who didn't want to pay for Sony's ridiculous arrogance at the start of this gen, but I think Sony has learned their lesson.

I do not care for MS's future, in fact, the only one I'm really worried for is Wii U because MS is going tear open Nintendo. Nintendo is really the only concern here, as they are so wish-washy and directionless with their audience. MS has made a much better attempt at balancing the two, but it's clear which way MS and Sony are predominantly headed.

As far as competition goes, I think there will always be room for competition if a one-console option is truly so terrible that fans can't stand Sony. Sony wont monopolize with tyranny and limit freedom of choice, competition will always exist.

If that happens, Sony will rightfully lose fans like they did at the start of this generation. I doubt we'll see Krazy Kutaragi Sony Era again.

If MS gets boxed out, it will be their own fault. If the competition can't hang, you can't blame the rival for monopolizing, but if the monopoly is so damn bad, consumers will vote with their wallets.

Shadow Flare2889d ago

Competition is very good but I remember the ps2 and ps1 being damn fine consoles. Both of which swept aside the competition and both of which produced stella gaming experiences for many years.

Lack of competition didn't stop the ps1 and ps2 being awesome. If Sony had no competition, then they would still push themselves, as the evidence shows

Biggest2889d ago

From what we've just seen. . .

I would prefer Sony monopolizing core gaming. They seem to be the only company still concerned with core gaming anyway. Microsoft has been exploiting core console gamers since the beginning of 360. The "competition" from Microsoft is detrimental. A new competitor should enter the fray.

abzdine2889d ago


Microsoft just brilliantly proved this basic mathematical comparison!

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Cupid_Viper_32889d ago

Nonsense bro... Microsoft didn't exist during the PlayStation 1 and Nintendo 64 era, and Sony improved greatly with the PS2, and arguably the best game library to ever grace a console.

I honestly believe that gaming would benefit greatly benefit mirrosoft player a smaller role. Their tactics are very anti-customer-ish, and the cons far outweighs the pros when it comes to what they bring to gaming as a whole.

Root2889d ago

Sony didn't really exploit people that much when the Xbox wasn't a threat when the PS2 was out

Least then it would allow them to rake in more money to spend on more studios and fund more games.

How many old franchises were better back then

Tomb Raider
Final Fantasy
Max Payne (story wise)
Resident Evil
Crash Banicoot
Silent Hill

and so on...

It was all peaceful back then and developers didn't have to exploit their own franchises on all systems and dumb them down to sell more

thechosenone2889d ago

You forget Valve and the Steambox my friend. Was Sony lazy and complacent during the PS2 days? I don't think so.

SilentNegotiator2889d ago

They won't get "boxed out"

If they have to put forth an ENTIRE billion dollars in a single year, they'll do it to keep the brand from sinking.

And as has been said: PS2.

Blacktric2889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )

"If Microsoft gets boxed out of the industry, then Sony will essentially monopolize core gaming without competition"

Is that what happened back when Sony had no proper competition towards the middle lifecycle of the PS1?

Is that what happened back when Sony had close to no competition throughout the full life cycle of PS2?

Thought so.

There is one company in your comparison that would make such a terrible thing, and that is Microsoft. Not Nintendo, not Sony, but Microsoft. You know, the company that sees me, you and everyone else who gave two s**ts about their products as sheep?

Oh_Yeah2889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )

And tell me why a Sony monopoly would be a bad thing? The only company which brings about a variety of core exclusives in every genre gen after gen, puts out the most new ips. The company that seems to be most focused on GAMES and value to the GAMER...I think it would be doing the gamers a favor.

FamilyGuy2889d ago

That's not true, was the PS2 bad just because it eclipsed the competition? No! It was one of the greatest generations of gaming.

All PS4 "winning" means is that the game developers will truly be competing with each other for our money.

Donnieboi2889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )

But if Microsoft isn't going for core gamers (and instead wants to be a cable company) then how does Micorsofts fall effect CORE gaming? That's like saying Sony will monoploize because Time Warner/Road Runner Cable goes out of business or falls away from Cable business.

Sony is the ONLY core gaming company left. I don't want to see a monopoly either--but MS isn't filling the shoes of adequate competition when it comes to hardcore gaming anyway. I wish Valve contnued with the SteamBox. Valve is ACTUAL good potential for HARDCORE gaming against Sony. Not MS.

MS is no longer on Sony's level. MS is on some cable TV pop-culture crap. The pressure for Sony is huge since their the only console holding it down for core gaming. Even if the Xbox One could outsell the PS4, it wouldn't matter because it would be like the cable companies selling more boxes then Sony did PS4's--2 completely different markets. MS is impotent now, as far as domestic game-focused rigs are concerned. Fact.

kneon2889d ago

If the Xbox one were to flop that could still cause Sony problems. If Microsoft get desperate to turn things around then we could see big price cuts and a lot more checks being written for timed DLC.

MikeMyers2889d ago

Look at what happened when the PS2 dominated, we were treated with a $600 game console with a terrible launch of games. It took a couple of years for them to get their act together, all largely thanks to stiffer competition.

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My_Name_BTW_Is_Dante2889d ago

Nope. I'm more of a Playstation gamer and PS4 is just as disappointing as Xbox One. PS4 has a terrible gimmicky controller on top of more facebook garbage pushed in for the casuals. They're still going on about motion control and they're leaving used game blocking up to publishers (and of course publishers will want to block their used games as that's even better for them than online passes).

Next-gen the online pass becomes the offline pass. Nintendo's Wii U is the only console that doesn't really screw over gamers but overall all 3 next gen consoles are garbage and you're better off just building a gaming PC.

But yeah, here on N4G I'm sure Playstation fanboys are happy considering they're hypocrites.

BlackTar1872889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )

lol you don't sound bias or fanboyish at all.

Skips2889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )

"on top of more facebook garbage pushed in for the casuals."


They spent like 10 min on that out of the whole 2 hour conference. -____-

SoapShoes2889d ago

Facebook stuff isn't required... You don't even have to use it! Lame logic!

thechosenone2889d ago

Like Sony is forcing you to use those social features, they're are all optional.

boing12889d ago

You have no idea what you're talking about. Share button alone will change the way we play and socialize with other gamers. And DS4 is a brilliantly designed piece of hardware. They've corrected everything that was wrong with DS3 and added awesome features. You will be amazed at what devs will be able to do with DS4 + Camera combo.

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FlameBaitGod2889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )

What >? didn't everyone love the new halo tv show ? ...... ROFL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh and the fake applause where the BEST!

Aceman182889d ago

yea i watched it once i got home since i recorded it, and notice NONE of the media in the front clapping.

NatureOfLogic2889d ago

So many butt hurt Xbox fanboys today, and I actually feel sorry for them. Blindly ignoring all of the clear facts of MS's direction for the Xbox brand.

BabyTownFrolics2889d ago

i see a console that has the horse power to showcase games with better graphics and ai than the 360 could. I see an improved controller, an improved kinect, an improved live, and more seamless integration into other forms of entertainment.

All you see is something that is not the PS4 and that is a very narrow and simplistic way of looking at things.

I cant wait to get my hands on both consoles, its gonna be fun.

remember fun? its something that happens when your not on this site.

dalibor2889d ago

remember fun?

This should happen with whatever system you choose. Gaming is all about having fun and escaping the crazy world. And N4G(all other websites on the internet) is also about having some fun on the side so long as you don't take s**t seriously. Some might say that life is also fun... so many fun places to be at if you look at it like that. Damn.

THamm2889d ago

Seems as Microsoft is hoping 3rd parties will sign up ASAP as this system is trying to put the lock down on Piracy and used all together

tuglu_pati2889d ago

people are not happy because they showed a week console which will compete with WiiU in terms of power and focusing in entertainment instead of gaming.

Eddie201012889d ago

I own both the PS3 and Xbox 360.

I hate Microsoft's star power, smoke and mirrors style of press conference. Show me games and hardware facts and how they can improve gaming, not a bunch of Hollywood bull @#$$.

Sony did show the important stuff and did not try to manipulate me or the industry.

Lior2889d ago

It's looks like some 80s Atari clone console

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Number-Nine2889d ago

Gamers: Not happy
Others people: Don't care because theyre not gamers.

gano2889d ago

well m$ supporters are not happy.
gamers still have ps and nin, so i think we are fine.

pompombrum2889d ago

Well tbh, what does it do that's going to get other people excited? I can't see people picking it up just for the convenience of voice activated commands (which is going to get abused by bickering siblings anyway) and the tv features doesn't seem like anything my sky box or a few remote control buttons can't do.

MasterCornholio2889d ago

What is the author talking about?

Gamers dont want games they want digital television and kinect features thats why XBOX fans are rushing to retailers to place a preorder for the system.

I didnt enjoy the conference though and at the moment i still prefer a gaming console over a KinectTVbox

BlackTar1872889d ago

when "Gamers" start to make excuses for why the system shows very little gaming focus you know we have a problem

gano2889d ago

then they are not gamers.
they are sales rep, or company emp.
but supposedly gamers wont make ex.

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dumahim2889d ago

"In the Xbox reveal, one new game was announced Fifa 14, along with more info on Call of Duty: Ghosts and Battlefield 4 (For more info on B4, click here). Here’s where one of the key problems lie: all of these games are coming to PS4."

Forza 5 and Quantum Break?

SirBradders2889d ago

All microsoft have done is exchanged free advertising for timed exclusives. Sony have shown a few ips and im damn sure they have got alot of cards still to play because they revealed early for a reason they wanna grab some of their audience back.

Ive owned everything since i was young but as you get older moneys tighter and wiser so im leaning towards sony at the moment, they even sound like they are gonna be cheaper by the looks of it win win. More power for less.

2889d ago
Shuyin2889d ago

Didn't grab me at all. There wasn't enuff proper footage.

Blackdeath_6632889d ago

quantum break is cool but the shitty live acting didn't help it they also didn't explain what type of game it is (is it a shooter,an rpg, and action adventure) besides it reminded me of beyond:two souls when i saw it so did the guys at the ign stream so it wasn't just me as for forza i had enough of this lazy ass games recycling system Microsoft does had enough halo,forza and gears give us something new

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