Bullet Witch Delayed...Again

Another day, another delay for the Xbox 360's Bullet Witch. This game was supposed to be released in Japan on July 13th, which is two weeks later than the original release date. Now, the official Bullet Witch site reports another two week delay that moves the release date to July 27th.

Developer AQ Interactive expresses their regrets for this additional delay to their fans.

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TOM6208d ago

gettin it right seems more important than getting it out fast. Probally the best thing to do for developers is to not give out release dates,but to do this would risk losing the mindshare of the gaming public,soI guess will will continue to get dates that get pushed back. I like carmacks standard respoce to release dates..."when its done"

Lucidmantra6208d ago

LOL. Yeah 2 weeks isn't exactly a backbreakingly long delay.

achira6207d ago

i ask my self why everyone votes for "cool" when its a delay ??? when sony would delay then it would be "lame".

Majunior6207d ago

its prolly cuz this game looks like crap and no one cares..Bring on Gears and H3

TOM6207d ago

No.4 I voted cool ,because its cool that they delayed it a little longer to get it right. has nothing to do with the ps3/sony sucking

Majunior6207d ago

can u read. In my post i said nothin about the ps3 suckin...i just think this game looks like crap.. i can have an opinion...

Majunior6207d ago

if u think im a ps3 fanboy u r terreibly mistaken...check my gs....cmon HUXLEY!!!!

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