Deca Sports Interview

XBL Radio gets an exclusive Deca Sports interview with exclusive pictures for the upcomming Wii game.

Here is an excerpt, "Mr B4: What sets this game apart from titles such as Wii Sports and Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games?

John: Wii Sports has really opened people's eyes on just how much fun a casual sports game can be on the Wii. In many ways, it was the appetizer. People want more! As for Mario & Sonic at the Olympics, people generally feel that some sports play more like mini games. Deca Sports sets itself apart in that it delivers 10 complete sporting events with 5 different modes of play: 4 single player modes and the multiplayer mode that really defines the game. We really wanted to deliver on providing good value in one package, as well as give people a chance to play some sports that typically just haven't been in the spotlight."

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