First Call Of Duty Ghosts info revealed – How COD is arming up for PS4 OPM

OPM: One other trick Infinity Ward are packing up its combat sleeve is a certain Stephen Gaghan, an Oscar winning screenwriter and director. He’ll be helming the writing duties for Ghosts with the the brief of achieving, “emotional reality”, adding, “Infinity Ward want these characters to feel real, to feel like real people”. How that works is something we’ll only know when Infinity Ward show off a little more but there is one character that will have an immediate instant emotional impact, and that’s the dog. The origins of Ghosts’ canine sidekick originated from an Infinity Ward brainstorming session that ended with simply the word ‘Dog’ written on a whiteboard. A few meetings later with real army dogs and a German Shepard, in full military gear joined the team. The studio has said that, “this is a squad member: you fight for him and he fights for you. He does everything from sniffing out explosives to protecting the team. This is someone you care about.” So, dead in the third act via some heart wrenching sacrifice then. I vote failing from a height or catching a bullet.

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