Xbox One's first 12 months will see 15 exclusive games, eight originals

During the Xbox One's first 12 months, Microsoft's next-gen console will receive 15 exclusive games, eight of which are original, Phil Spencer, head of Microsoft Studios, said during today's reveal.

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2162d ago
NYC_Gamer2162d ago

I'll be keeping my eye open for these exclusives

Skips2162d ago

Hope they aren't all "Kinected"...

FriedGoat2162d ago

that dog in cod looked terrible. its bald.

Blacktric2162d ago (Edited 2162d ago )

I love how Sony's stock went up 8 percent after the Xbox One reveal.

It really was one of the most underwhelming reveals I have ever seen. And to think this was for a next gen console?....

Oh and about those cheering that most people thought were coming from the actual press crowd during/after every single reveal? It wasn't.

FriedGoat2162d ago

why the disagrees the stock did go up! lol

Peppino72162d ago

And they didn't show ANY gameplay of anything, just cgi. That stinks. At least they answered the always on question. single player offline allowed.

Flipgeneral2162d ago

not all of them.....

just 10

Clarence2162d ago (Edited 2162d ago )

More than have of them will be kinect titles. I can't forget about fantasy football lol that's considered a game right right lol

Now lets be honest that was not a great showing. Xbox 1 is horrible name
and it's the size of a Betamax

Folks make sure you put that thing on the lowest shelf.

AliTheSnake12162d ago (Edited 2162d ago )

Yes And they didn't talk about any of them. Just Tv this Tv that. And boring sports shit that is said in every E3 every year. More than half of them are probably kinect games.

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TBONEJF2162d ago

who cares bout EXCLUSIVES I WANT NEW GAMES NEW ENGINES NOT the SAME SHYT like CALL OF DUTY/NBA/NFL. that's all MS talk bout this afternoon

Loki862162d ago

Your comment makes no sense, please refrain from raging before typing.

3-4-52162d ago (Edited 2162d ago )

They didn't show off any actual gameplay footage of any of the next gen games like Sony did with PS4.

That was the only disappointing thing about it.

I'm not impressed by short trailers.

I want to see what I will be doing in game, not how somebody edited footage.

* XBOX One is good name

* 8 exclusives is huge for xbox

* I'm not a fan of old Kinect but the new one seems to actually work as it should.

kneon2162d ago

I have no problem with the name, as for the exclusives I'll reserve judgement until I see what they are.

Kingdom Come2162d ago (Edited 2162d ago )

But Microsoft stated prior to the reveal that they are saving gameplay for E3 2013. What did people expect...? Think about it, this means NFL/Skype etc won't be discussed at E3, it'll be all about the games...

3-4-52162d ago (Edited 2162d ago )

I just expected to see at least 30 seconds of actual gameplay or something.....even the trailers didn't show much gameplay, it was all edited cut shots and what not.

I'm hyped for Xbox One, and I expected to see most gameplay at E3, I just thought they would surprise us a bit. I was wrong.

It was a solid reveal though.

Saigon2162d ago

I do wish they revealed the games and at least the playable environment. I will just keep a look out of these games, but I think I just heard that only some of the exclusives will be shown at E3...well just have to wait and see.

StraightPath2162d ago

The show was a utmost failure. Seriously shoved down with TV crap and Kinect. No games nothing. I know for sure which one I am getting first. The PS4.

PS4 reveal was awesome and this Xbox one crap? damn awful. Finally maybe Xbox fanboys will wake up.

indubitably2162d ago

lmao, the amount of insecure Sony fanboys on this site is too damn high. We knew that the games would be saved for E3 and they confirmed a ton of exclusives which was a huge worry previously. All of the Xbox One's OS functionality is going to run circles around the PS4's that is why they can show off the features they have for as long as they did.

Blacktric2162d ago (Edited 2162d ago )

"lmao, the amount of insecure Sony fanboys on this site is too damn high"

Oh boy, it can't possibly be because of the whole thing being completely underwhelming right? It's all the fault of those horrible trolls... /s

Learn to deal with other people's opinions first instead of going for one of the worst cop out responses and calling them fanboys.

papashango2162d ago

I enjoyed the show. I was worried they were gonna get into the whole family oriented social media crap.

I liked the look. I'm probably partial to it because my pc's are boxy. The name has a nice sound. and it's going to replace the my media pc. No complaints from this pc gamer.

ssj272162d ago (Edited 2162d ago )

I'm the only "one" who is underwhelmed?

thechosenone2162d ago

only 8 will be new didn't say which ones will be kinect and which will be core the rest are old franchises.

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Drekken2162d ago

Are they counting their exclusive game modes? Why would they come out showing multiplat games? No crap they are getting CoD DLC first - WHO CARES? Has time exclusive DLC actually swayed anyone to buy a console? I doubt it.

Lovable2162d ago

Yap. I know some stupid friends of mine did it. Not my problem though since they got money to burn anyway.

bicfitness2162d ago

The more important questions would be how many are core and how many are Kinect shovelware.

Garethvk2162d ago

Indy developers we talked to months ago said PS 4 had more power, was very easy to design for and was the one the developers liked best. Plus easier to work with Sony than Microsoft from a licensing and marketing standpoint.