EA Announces Xbox One Exclusive FIFA 14 Content

Eric of Writes:

"During the Microsoft Xbox One event, EA Sports announced a new game engine called Ignite and also announced that there will be exclusive content available for FIFA 14 on the Xbox One. The content will come in the form of Ultimate Team extras for FIFA 14"

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Godmars2903173d ago

Thought they said the game was exclusive?

theherp803173d ago

no just features. i believe EU has more of a sony following so i dont think EA wants to shut off that large of an audience.

Godmars2903173d ago

And yet they're going to actively announce that they're putting more focus on another version.

And really; honestly heard that the *GAME* was exclusive. Not that I bother with sports titles.

Irishguy953173d ago

Yeah I heard that too Godmars, "EA are mad" I thought, then I realized they weren't that mad and I must have misunderstood

S_C3173d ago (Edited 3173d ago )

Put it like this Ultimate Team is the only mode i play on fifa but now this is exclusive to xbox one then they have just lost a customer.... what i got from the conference was that xbox is trying to become a sky box that can play games instead of a games console that has sky box capabilities.... Too much emphasis on the entertainment side and not games sorry.

Edit: Just seen on FIFA facebook page that Ultimate Team is coming to PS4

Sanquine903173d ago

I just heard that its not that all exclusive. Just parts of it ( of the ultimate team)

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Emilio_Estevez3173d ago

That was for Ultimate team I believe, more details 'later'

Starbucks_Fan3173d ago

I got confused on that too for a sec LOL.

grailly3172d ago

they clearly made it sound like fifa14 was xbox only, but they were referring to fifa14: ultimate team.

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dwightmccarthy3173d ago

Yeah just for ultimate team which is a mode in fifa for those who don't play it

Tonester9253173d ago

Yeah for Madden too. I hope 2k give exclusive content to the PS4 then. and make a NFL 2k14

AutoCad3173d ago

this is big as im a huge ultimate team user on madden and fifa.

listenkids3173d ago

This, imo, is a terrible move. Regardless of sales of the Xbox One, EU is the main Fifa player base, Sony is a bigger seller in EU and I feel PS4 would sell more Fifa 14 games in the launch window.

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The story is too old to be commented.