PlayStation Phone Doesn't Scare The N-Gage

As much as Nokia would have hoped otherwise, their first N-Gage device didn't really catch on in the marketplace. For their most recent effort, they've decided to keep the N-Gage platform a little more open to the rest of their cell phone line, getting us to enjoy some crazy 3D graphics on the tiniest of screens.

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BilI Gates4500d ago (Edited 4500d ago )

Oh Nokia you crack me up.

- Your friendly neighborhood Bill

decapitator4500d ago

Sup Billy G ? what it do ?

ooop4500d ago

Whoever disagreed with him needs to have a lobotomy.

Gam714500d ago

the new ngage app looks good.
But nokia need to get it on more devices than just the n81.

They promised it on all n-series before christmas yet still nothing.
They are worse than sony for delays.

I've had to install the "hacked" version.

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The story is too old to be commented.