Xbox One: new Xbox Live service detailed, game capture confirmed

Xbox One’s new Xbox Live service has been revealed at Microsoft’s reveal event in Redmond.

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stage882160d ago

True. A button will be much easier than navigating through menus.

UnHoly_One2160d ago

What do you think will happen when you push that button? lol

Unless you think it is going to know exactly which clip to pull out and upload, I'm pretty sure you're going to be navigating some sort of interface as well.

Besides, they didn't go into any detail on how it works on the Xbox One. Look at the controller. There are two buttons in the center, they are not labeled "Start" and "Back", like on the 360.

Who's to say that one of those isn't going to be a dedicated button similar to the share button?

The point is, we don't know yet.

Drekken2160d ago

So you can pay for the same features Sony offers for free. Cool... PS+ puts live to shame.

Adva2160d ago

It's not confirmed if Share feature will be free/ free 100%. Correct me if I am wrong though.

AngelicIceDiamond2160d ago

Where do you see its gonna be paid again?

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AlaaAlii2160d ago (Edited 2160d ago )

When he was talking about Xbox Live, he said "with your current subscription...", so I'm guessing it's still paid.

spongeboob2160d ago

If it was free don't you think Microsoft would be shouting that from the rafters. I think it is a safe bet to assume that it would be part of a Gold subscription.

Ozmoses2160d ago

So the best part of this entire Xbox event?????

It finally ended and I can return to my regularly scheduled programming...

Ozmoses2160d ago

"Xbox turn off stupid xboxone conference on Spike"

ThatCanadianGuy5142160d ago (Edited 2160d ago )

I believe it's pronounced, Xbox: Fuck off

I am so freaking disappointed man.I wanted them to wow me.Make me hyped for their next gen.This was just more of the same.

Larry L2160d ago (Edited 2160d ago )

Typically I'm against swearing on public internet spaces. But man.....saying "Xbox: Fuck Off" after watching that reveal may be the quote of the year. Bubble for you, sir. I was laughing so hard I was brought to tears.

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The story is too old to be commented.