Sears Xbox 360 commercial has underage kid loving M-rated games

A new Sears commercial for the Xbox 360 has a young boy named Connor telling us what he discovered at Sears. Connor hit the mother lode, because he found a 360, Need for Speed, FIFA, and ... Halo and Halo 2. He dreamily looks off-screen as he fondly remembers fragging someone on the Sanctuary, and telling them they just got pwned.

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Tut5885d ago

Hahahahaha! I don't watch TV so thank you for posting this, otherwise I would have completely missed it.

That was great. Just another reason why rating systems are not effective for the most part. At least not the way they are doing it now. =/

willymcd5884d ago

have to be ned flanders or satan to deny your kid of any age to play halo. frankly who give a [email protected] that the kid referenced halo. what a stupid post, trying to make a deal out of nothing.

calderra5884d ago

The "deal" is that most parents (and executives, and politicans) are too retarded to "get" the ratings system and its usefulness.

See also: "It's okay if my kid shoots up crack to increase his strength and beats a prostitute to her bloody doom to steal back his money, but if her breasts are too exposed, then I'm going to sue the company!"

This ad is just more confirmation that at least one quarter of Americans are functionally retarded. And most of them are managers or politicians.

PS360PCROCKS5884d ago

Know what I truly hate about this site? People like you and not only you who just blatantly come out and insult americans, so excuse me I am American and I don't personally need your generalizations about who or what I am because your in a different country, I'm american and I'm sorry but the other 99% of us as well don't sit around knocking any other countries, we personally don't care about who or what your doing, so next time just leave your ideas where they belong and that's safely in your head

TheMART5884d ago

I must agree that what is said about the difference between violence, sex and all is a bit strange.

No offence, but it surprises me that a government debates about violence in videogames, that are rating for 18 years and older etc.

The shopowner/seller has to check if the person that buys it is old enough and parents should check their kids if they didn't get a copy from a friend or something like that.

But for the rest anything should be possible. Like it is in (porn)movies, thrillers, horrors, and what more there is in a less likely fiction.

Too bad this video was removed I think it should have cracked me up. Bad publicity for MS so they shot it down?

Norad65884d ago

OOOOOOOOOH BOY, I bet we'll here something about this on the news soon. JT will make sure of that. Why pravoke them Sears, why!?!?!

alilhappything5884d ago

Hmmm... what to target and condemn...
Genocide in
Oh wait how about Video Games!!!
-damn politicians

THELANDSOFSAND5884d ago (Edited 5884d ago )


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