5 reasons why Guitar Hero: On Tour could suck

After a confirmation in August 2007 and following months of waiting, this week finally saw Activision lifting the lid off Guitar Hero: On Tour for the Nintendo DS, the handheld version of the massively successful rhythm-based music title.

Nintendic has no doubt that the franchise's reputation and the curious Guitar Grip accessory will help in sell it in droves, but part of us also feels that On Tour could, for a variety of reasons, fall flat in the face of its home console counterparts.

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Real Gambler4491d ago

After all, it doesn't look like a guitar at all... But who knows : )

ChickeyCantor4490d ago

5? 10? never a 7 ......or just 1 ......or a 3....or a perfect 5!!!! they always think of 5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!