PS3 controllers: play and toss [update 1]

Oh, one more tiny thing. According to the report, the rechargeable battery inside the PS3 controller can't be replaced once it reaches the end of its recharge life-cycle. That means you have to toss it out and get a new one, like the iPod (although third-party battery replacement units have popped up on the iPod so those aren't totally trash once they go). Surely similar solutions will pop up for the PS3 controllers at some point, or else that landfill in New Mexico will find a ton of dead PS3 controllers next to the thousands of E.T. Atari 2600 cartridges.

Captain Tuttle6345d ago (Edited 6345d ago )

How hard is it to make an easily removable rechargable battery? This bites.

ASSASSYN 36o6344d ago

Yeagh a rechargeable removable battery...like the 360 controller.

Islandkiwi6345d ago

Lots of products have batteries that aren't replaceable, but it's such a waste, not to mention horrible for the environment.

And judging from Sony's battery recall, making them easy to replace would have been a good idea. If they're defective you lose the whole controller.

zypher6345d ago

with their recent battery woes with Apple, Dell, Toshiba etc., maybe its a good thing to pitch the Sixaxis controllers before they spontaneously combust. ;)

THAMMER16345d ago

Sike!!!! Horrible planning on Sonys part but we used to this type of crap by now.

Marriot VP6345d ago

Aren't their controllers 60 bucks, dang. They may be 50 I'm not sure. This is a very underhanded move by them to turn a profit considering the hundreds per console they'll loose.

Tut6345d ago (Edited 6345d ago )

They are $40, the same price as XBox 360 controllers and less than the Wii's controller (obviously).

I would like to know the actual tested battery life, but eh whatever. If all else fails there is always third-party. =)

Tut6344d ago

Update: $50 just stated today. The details on the controller sounded sweet though, so I don't think battery life will be a problem.