INTERVIEW: PopCap Looks to New Consoles

While PopCap originated as a Web-based form of entertainment, CEO David Roberts told Next-Gen that extending the company's platform reach is one of the keys to growing its business. PopCap games can be found on the web, mobile phones, Xbox Live Arcade, Valve's Steam platform and at retail. If it were up to Roberts, it sounds like he'd love to have a version of Zuma and Bejeweled on everything from your microwave to your washing machine.

"A couple years ago we were on lots of platforms, but now we're certainly on just about every one you can find for casual games. Maybe Tetris has got us beat but they've had a lot more time to do it," Roberts said.

One of the more interesting areas of expansion is the console arena. PopCap already has games including Astropop, Bejeweled 2, Feeding Frenzy and Zuma on Xbox Live Arcade, but the Wii and PS3 are future platform possibilities as well.

"We love XBLA," confessed Roberts. "We were on the XBLA bandwagon early, and we actually have Heavy Weapon shipping very soon now. That's our first sort of Live-enabled multiplayer version of any of our games."

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Heavy Weapon now available for free on both Xbox One and Xbox 360

Neil writes "The middle of the month can only mean one thing - free game time! And right now, Heavy Weapon has been stripped of its price tag."

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PlayStation Plus vs. Games With Gold – Which Is Better? March 2017 Edition

"March 2017 is here and now that both Microsoft and Sony have announced what games you’ll be getting for free via Games With Gold and PlayStation Plus it’s time to look at which is offering the better value for gamers."

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CapitalGamerNZ2544d ago (Edited 2544d ago )

Both offer some good games this month. Great for those who own multiple platforms!

TGGJustin2544d ago

Agreed. Both are offering a good mix of AAA and indie games in March.

2544d ago
psuedo2544d ago (Edited 2544d ago )

Who cares? Remember people your paying for the ability to play multiplayer really. Have been since the original Xbox, or PS4 with sony. Sony just started the monthly game idea as a way to get people to pay, and signify that it was coming.

They may try to offer better value, but at its core its to play multiplayer.

2544d ago
Cmv382544d ago

You do know , that Sony was doing monthly free games a while before the ps4 even existed?

psuedo2543d ago

Yes sir I am aware. Thats why I said "have been with the original xbox, or ps4 with sony."

Started paying for multiplayer on the ps4, but on the ps3 it was free. They just did the free games to get people to pay. To give value, because why pay when its free? Then with that fact back then you could assume the ps4 was going to have a subscription.

GearSkiN2544d ago

LOL Sony started the free games after the whole system came back from the huge hack that happen on PSN, they did it to grab customers back, and its one of the best thing that ever happen on online services that comes with free, then xbox joined a long.

TGGJustin2544d ago

Wrong. PS Plus started in 2010. The hack was in 2011.

Silly gameAr2544d ago

It started before that. Get your facts straight.

Rebel_Scum2544d ago

Hosting the infrastructure cost money. Because its online it should be free? Gimme a break.

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Ulf2544d ago

GWG destroys PS+, if you're looking for past AAA experiences, as usual.

PS+ wipes the floor with GWG, if you want indie experiences, this month, as usual.

Same old, same old.

TGGJustin2544d ago

Tearaway Unfolded on PS4 and Earth Defense Force and Under Night on PS3 aren't indie games in case you missed that.

Ulf2540d ago

Lol. Sure. They also aren't AAA.

Major_Glitch2544d ago

At this point, does it even really matter who's "free games" are better? I doubt people base their decision to buy a console based on what games Sony or MS decide to give away for free each month.

2544d ago
Kiwi662544d ago (Edited 2544d ago )

Yet no one has ever said that is the reason why they brought a console as its other factors as to their decision

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Are the free Xbox Games With Gold titles for March 2017 any good?

Neil writes - "A new month is on the horizon and that means four new free Xbox games will soon be available to download - at least if you are the proud holder of a valid Xbox Live Gold membership. But after a fairly solid couple of recent offerings being sent our way, do the free Xbox Games With Gold titles for March 2017 deliver the goods?"

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boomtube19872551d ago

Again, any month with AAA games is good and a win for CONSOLE GAMER'S.

2551d ago
2551d ago
Doopy2551d ago

Borderlands 2.... Hell yeah

2551d ago
2551d ago
mockzer02551d ago

They're good enough to make this PlayStation guy jealous! 😁 Good job Microsoft.

Snox2551d ago

I wish it was borderlands 1 :/ the handsome collection has 1080p 60 fps Borderlands 2 for $15 on sale all the time

goatking2551d ago

They had borderlands 1 last year.