Sony Sponsoring PlayStation 4 Tweets, Trending Topics Ahead of Xbox Reveal

"While Microsoft was relatively tight-lipped and reserved both before and after the reveal of the PS4 (discounting the quip about announcing a console without actually showing it), Sony have seemingly declared war on the eve and just before the reveal of the next Xbox."

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TOGC2166d ago

You have to admit this is smart. Before the next xbox reveal and all that jazz.

Wizziokid2166d ago

It's all business and using social media to try and reduce attention is a very smart move

Septic2166d ago

Yeah its just business after all. There's a lot riding on this for Sony and MS. This is a key moment in the gaming lifecycle of these respective consoles; the foundation upon which the next 5+ years of these consoles are being laid down now and we'll be talking about these reveals for months/years to come.

If I was Sony, I would be doing the exact same thing.

THamm2166d ago (Edited 2166d ago )

If MS were to do this, you guys would call it a cheap shot or a disgrace. If Apple gets in the race, wonder what everyone would do.

MoveTheGlow2166d ago

I see it more as a response to a cheap shot. They had a conference with Cerny talking specs about the PS4, all the stuff that was important about the system, and Microsoft immediately comments on the fact that they didn't show an actual box out there.

So, today, Sony starts posting pictures of the box over Microsoft's conference. It seems like this move's for the insane fans who know about all the behind-the-scenes bickering... like us.

THamm2166d ago

Yes it's getting exciting, can't wait for E3

Cueil2166d ago

@MoveTheGlow Microsoft didn't tweet that... individuals tweeted that... they are responsible for their own accounts

DragonKnight2166d ago

@Cueil: Major Nelson tweeted that and he is MS' public representative. Everything he says can be considered to come straight from the horse's mouth.

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Pyrrhus2166d ago

Its also pretty exciting that the console war is about to begin. This is a smart move sure, but the masterstroke was the teaser trailer.

Sony's marketing have really stepped it up.

LoveOfTheGame2166d ago

No it's not masterful. The idea of getting hype up right before your competitor is going to get all the attention is pretty bad. We maybe looking at Sony now, but the moment that conference starts all eyes will be on Xbox.

What they should of done, or still can do, is hit it hard just a couple hours or so after the Xbox reveal. That way right when everyone is kinda settling down from what they have seen all eyes would turn right back to Sony to see their "response".

Arai2166d ago

I found this really funny:

This kind of rivalry is rather entertaining.

Blackdeath_6632166d ago

LOL that tweet does indeed seem desperate.

joeorc2166d ago

LMAO.."slow news day"

that was pretty funny, just like the tweet's:

Larry Hryb Larry Hryb#

Announce a console without actually showing a console? That's one approach


both companies are really all gusto this up coming gen

DragonKnight2166d ago

@Blackdeath_663: What part of that tweet says anything remotely close to sounding desperate?

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PSVita2166d ago

I'm liking this new assertive Sony. Not just jokes from Kevin butler anymore but real actions. Keep it up!

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Wizziokid2166d ago

I'm expecting a surprise game reveal at this rate.

ltachiUchiha2166d ago

I think the last of us multiplayer if it is as good as Lead Art Designer Nate Wells says it is. It could be a big distraction to the new xbox reveal. Everyone wants to see how the last of us multiplayer looks like. Microsoft & Sony are straight going toe to toe. So excited.

creatchee2166d ago

The Last of Us looks amazing, could be a game of the year, and is a day one purchase for me.

However, a multiplayer reveal today would be foolish because, quite honestly, today is all about the next XBOX. Any other video game-related news that happens today will pretty much be swept away by the flood of XBOX details and articles.

Both deserve their own dedicated time.

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yugovega2166d ago

if mircosoft did this it would be considered unethical and bad business to most people on this site.

DragonKnight2166d ago

They've already done it though. For example, when the PS3 was launching in Europe, they sent a boat across the lake with the 360 logo on it, they also sent out people to give folding chairs to the people standing in line for a ps3 and those people were wearing MS swag while handing out MS chairs.

The PS4 reveal? MS Tweets about how there was no console shown.

So, it's ok when MS does it, but hypocritical when anyone else does it?

Gimmemorebubblez2166d ago


Does Microsoft know you do all this crusading for them, because if they don't your wasting your life.

On topic: Business is business.

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