Top 5 map remakes we want in Battlefield 4

The Battlefield series is known for taking popular maps and remaking them, giving them a new spin for new players. And we’re certain that Battlefield 4 maps will feature some remakes from old classics. It’s already been rumored that Road to Jalalabad is on the drawing board, and previous rumors of DLC suggested old BF2 maps such as Dalian Plan and Great Wall might be released as a DLC.

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DoomeDx2165d ago

What!? All BF3 maps? Come on..

Also why would you remake BF3 maps for BF4? the graphics and the engine are the same..So its only a matter of porting it over and its done. No remakes needed.

iRocket2165d ago

Wake Island is a must, if we get naval combat. It has been in pretty much every Battlefield game so far (not counting Bad Company).

BattleReach2165d ago

Dragon Valley, Wake Island and Capsian Border.