Interview: Tales of Vesperia to Come to Playstation 3?

onAXIS: "In a new interview with Gouda Tsutomu and Higuchi Yoshito, who are working on Tales of Vesperia for the Xbox 360, they are asking whether the game will arrive on the PlayStation 3 or not. Higuchi Yoshito answered (warning: rough translation)."

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sonarus3866d ago

this is simply a case of 360 dev kits being available first or 360 paying for temp exclusivity. As titles like DMC4 have proved, JP games are more likely to do better on the PS3 because of their advantage in the JP market.

Don't think anyone would be terribly surprised by this. Every bandai namco 360 exclusive is heading to the ps3 eventually. Disagree all you want but i challenge you to name one that isn't coming to the ps3.

(except for that random rolling game where you stick items to yourself while you roll. Forget the name played the demo though.)

At the same time there are strong rumors suggesting tekken will end up on the 360 so we will see.

The gaming GOD3866d ago

Not just by contract, But Tekken 6 was built using the cell chip. So tekken 6 on 360 is highly unlikely. But hey who knows, a lot of things we think can't happen end up happening so it's anyone's guess I guess lol

ruibing3866d ago (Edited 3866d ago )

Though I think a contract keeps a bunch from coming to the PS3, I do hope this one will only a timed exclusive like Eternal Sonata. MS seems like it uses contracts and project funding to make up for its lack of internal studios that Sony and Nintendo has.

I don't care much for other genres, but good JRPGs are not getting the attention they deserve on the 360. Eternal Sonata hasn't even sold a quarter of a million despite its high production values, but a terribly generic one called Blue Dragon managed almost half a million by appealing to the North American mass market rather than hardcore fans. Lost Odyssey finally has the story mechanics down well, but it needs to work on the gameplay. Timing attacks has already been revolutionized much better by Shadow Hearts and Magna Carta. They could learn a bit from Level 5 and Tri-Ace.

The day when JRPG is made for the western market in mind is the day JRPG finally disappears forever. I would rather put up with waiting for localization than the alternative.

sonarus3866d ago

The annoying thing is msoft is intentionally squeezing rpg's away from the playstation to slow them down in JP.

MSoft at this point know they aren't winning so they would rather let wii win in JP. So they pay for a bunch of exclusive rpg's so they don't end up on ps3 because they know rpg's are what gives playstation legs in JP.

All this should change once WKC hits. Not so sure how good valyire of the battle field will do. but we will see

Odion3866d ago

if Tekken 6 was built around the Cell why does it look worse then SC4?

sonarus3866d ago

@odion. I dunno but i don't think they look that different. Tekken seems to have a darker look thats all. SC4 seems to have better lighting but from the video i saw of SC4 actually in motion, i can say the SC4 screens are touched up.

lodossrage3866d ago

First off, whether it looks "Better" or not is a matter of opinion.

Second, what makes you think a chip is used ONLY for looks and graphics? You must not know too much about tech if you think that way.

Lastly, if you're going to start potential flame issues, retreat to the open zone.

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chaosatom3333866d ago

Xbox isn't holding out on Tales of Vesperia as a mega exclusive. Mcirosoft just likes to cover their bases with shooters. The only reason it becomes a exclusive is because developers haven't gotten around the hurdles surrounding the ps3. Once they get over it, they can release it on ps3.

yesah3866d ago

and another game in PS3's future line up.

gaffyh3866d ago

I can see this game doing really really well on PS3, and at best OK on the 360. When the sales stats for 360 are released, the devs will realise what a big mistake releasing on 360 first was.

Don't get me wrong I will probably get this on 360 (because it's out first, unless my 360 breaks then I'll get it for PS3), but most 360 owners aren't big fans of fantasy JRPGs, but PS3 owners are.

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BubblesDAVERAGE3866d ago

Always and for ever always mover better on ps3...Im not talking American Rpgs because I havent found one I like yet

pp3866d ago

if you ps3 fan boys want this game go and exchange your ps3 in for xbox you 'll be able to Experience the full power of this game

heyheyhey3866d ago

what now pee-pee??

that didn't even make sense

"experience the full power of this game"

i would have thought that you would be saying "experience the full power of the 360" but instead you just made a fool of yourself

anyway this game has to come to the PS3- look how much 360 JRPG's flop in sales

2mil PS3 Japan install base vs. 0.5mil 360 install base- the gap will be even wider by the time this game ships

bootsielon3866d ago

The same game will come out on PS3 with more content thanks to it being fully next-gen. So how's that for "full power", dipsh1t?

Kaz Hirai3866d ago

I'm sorry, Puto Pig, but it looks like you and your fellow SATAN WORSHIPPING SWINE have lost yet ANOTHER exclusive!


heyheyhey3866d ago (Edited 3866d ago )

wasn't this confirmed to be timed exclusive already

i guess it is now anyway

and im glad, the more JRPG's the better- there was a flood of excellent ones on the PS2 (and no, im not talking about FF12- that sucked), but there's unfortunately a shortage on next-gen consoles

my next target though is WKS- that will rock pretty hard, and then FF13 (which will be excellent and should hopefully restore my faith in my beloved FF series)


yes i agree

the combat system, exploration, levelling, side-quests, graphics, summonings were all great

but without a good story, a JRPG is nothing- i loved FF10 so much cause of the EXCELLENT story

oh yeah and the license system sucked too- it made all the characters the same whereas in FF1- the sphere system made all the characters unique

chaosatom3333866d ago (Edited 3866d ago )

ff12 didn't suck, the story sucked. And i guess the beginning sucked because of it's difficulty. However, ff12 was a step up in gameplay and mostly importantly it was addicting.

EDIT: I would go as far as too say that the brillant gameplay covered up for the story.

kira9893866d ago

FF12 story didnt suck... Wut did suck was the character development.... You began to forget about each one and began to think "why the hell are they even doing this"

The story was ok... It just needed characters with more focus on thier backround and reasons for fighting.

chaosatom3333866d ago

"The story was ok... It just needed characters with more focus on thier backround and reasons for fighting."

This is what i mean by story sucking. lack of character development, and no reason for fighting. I was so bored out of my mind, that i started skiping scenes.

kewlkat0073866d ago (Edited 3866d ago )

maybe I'm just old-school but the political story got dry..and boring.

Another thing like action-based jRPGs, I too started to skip around and even run by monsters to avoid them.

I still, so love turn-based.

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