Xbox Now Relates to Broadcasting Services Not Console Name

ThisisXbox: "There’s been a great deal of leaks surrounding the next Xbox with names surfacing such as Xbox 8, Xbox Infinity, just Xbox, but the latest was said to be “Xbox Now” as slipped out by an employee of RARE on social networking sites."

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DARK WITNESS2160d ago (Edited 2160d ago )

Xbox Now, what about later, no it's now, when now? Now, not later.

Now I don't like it, maybe later I will.

jasona19802160d ago

Haha, I can't wait for the reveal... just hoping they do show a console at least!!!


Xbox Now sounds like a content on demand service for streaming games, movies, and music.

subtenko2160d ago

Player: "Xbox Now..."

Xbox/kinect: "Now what? What do you want me to do?"

Player: "Xbox Now Service"

Xbox/kinect: "contacting customer support over always online skype. One moment please"

Player: >:O

What if kinect gets confused? lol

jasona19802160d ago

This is probably the bit where they soon announce it is actually XBOX NOW and was hiding behind that trademark class until revealed haha