Top 5 best video game vehicles

What's your idea of the perfect vehicle? Is it a fast sports car, or is it something you can take off-road? No matter what you prefer, there's a virtual vehicle out there for you. Check out these sweet rides, which come fully loaded – and then some!

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sonarus3866d ago

look at the forza pic. See how it just lacks detail. People need to stop downplaying polyphony's great achievement on the ps3. Every time i hear GT only "slightly" edges out forza it pisses me off.

VirusE3866d ago (Edited 3866d ago )

Sonarus i have to agree with. The gfx on forza 2 do not stack up, it’s not even close. Now i just wish that all the kids who have never driven a car in a real race would realize that the physics in forza are much more realistic than GTs physics. Its a difference that i would say is about equal to the graphical difference between forza and gt. Both are amazing games but cater to different crowds. You break you teeth on GT and they get down to business with realistic racing in forza. There are many documented cases of real drivers speaking about how extremely realistic the cars in forza and there are also tons of documented cases by pro drivers about how unrealistic GT is. If you have never driven in a race I can understand how you could be lead to believe that GT is realistic I mean it does say on the box “the real driving simulator” after all.

Graphics, easily approachable game play, tons of cars (that act nothing like their real world counter parts) and slick menus – gt

Realistic physics, realistic racing, car damage and cars that drive like the real cars - forza 2

A stock civic si is faster than a stock srt-4 LOL talk about realism. Cars also don’t bounce off of walls in real life. Last time I check if I down shift from 6th to 1rst at 150 miles an hour the car tends to stop working properly.

Glad to be a gamer3866d ago

Agreed 100% nothing more to say. Back to forza2 wanna qualify for the turn 10 db9 competition.

ambientFLIER3866d ago

GT5 is clearly better. That's true. However, when did forza come out? A year ago? Is it fair to compare past games now? I'm sure there's going to be another 360 racing game when GT5 comes out.

PimpHandStrong3866d ago

but im going to say the best video game vehicle i have ever had fun with was the Warhawk

KYU21303866d ago

but i do love racing so i gotta say the MINI COOPER in FORZA 2

BeaArthur3866d ago

I don't know about the best but I can tell you the worst; The Mako from Mass Effect. That thing is garbage.

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The story is too old to be commented.