Nintendo's stock downgraded: Proof that you don't always get it right

It looks as if KBC Securities of Japan isn't feeling all that confident that Nintendo can continue down the path of dominance much longer. As a result, they've decided to downgrade Nintendo's target price by a whopping 30-percent, and change its investment rating from "buy" to "hold."

"Sales in the U.S. and Europe are peaking after ''amazing growth'' this fiscal year, Kamide wrote in the report. ''We believe that it is reasonable to expect a tougher trading environment.''

However, the gloom and doom machine doesn't stop there. Greenpeace has taken aim at Nintendo once more, citing them as the worst of the worst environmental offenders, of the top electronic manufacturers that made the survey...

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decapitator3866d ago

This is so low...then again, is Nintendo so no surprises here.

Iceman100x3866d ago

This is funny wii fit, and mario kart hasn't even been released yet along with whatever they have for e3 this year......what is this guy smoking?

whoelse3866d ago

Well i didn't expect to read that. The might power of the PS3 and its lineup clearly is worrying some people.

heroman7113866d ago

lol someone had that on their shirt at school the other day

wiizy3865d ago

that must be a joke. the wii is still killing the competition and they continue to doubt... this year will prove that the wii has no competition