Gamer 2.0: Street Fighter IV Preview

Street Fighter isn't just another fighting genre mainstay, it's a gaming institution. Without it, there would be no fighting genre whatsoever. With that in mind, the announcement of a new numerical installment is a pretty big deal, especially as it has been 11 years since Street Fighter III: New Generation first hit arcades.

Unveiled - sort of - on October 17 of last year, Gamer 2.0's first impression of Street Fighter IV was about as vague as it gets; a heavily stylized trailer of Ryu and Ken fighting each other in 3D. As the weeks passed, they received more information. Series veterans Chunli and Dhalsim were confirmed to be in the mix. A new, SNK-style character named Crimson Viper emerged, who seems to fight by utilizing technological enhancements. Then the real torrents of Street Fighter IV news came along.

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