First day sales in Japan

Pokemon Ranger managed to sell a ton of copies (127k), but on the other side of the spectrum, Ninja Gaiden only sold 4,000 units. The entire list:

NDS Pokemon Ranger: Batonnage - 127k
WII Deca Sporta: Wii de Sports 10 Shumoku! - 30k
NDS Sakura Taisen: Kimi Arugatame - 27k
NDS SimCity DS 2: Kodai kara Mirai e Tsuduku Machi - 26k
NDS Crayon Shin-Chan: Arashi o Yobu Cinema Land: Kachinko Gachinko Daikatsugeki! - 19k
NDS Time Hollow: Ubawareta Kako o Motomete - 14k
NDS Chou Nekketsu Koukou Kunio-Kun Dodge Ball Bu - 10k
NDS Kekkaishi: Kokubourou Shuurai - 8k (just 10-20% sell through)
NDS Ninja Gaiden Dragon Sword - 4k
NDS Bangai-O Spirits - 3k (<10k shipment)

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Marceles3861d ago

lol wow...i'm truly shocked about Ninja Gaiden

PS360WII3861d ago

Yeah that's no good about the Ninja Gaiden DS 4k :(

Nice that Sim City 2 is up there at least...

resistance1003861d ago

What is it with nintendo owners in Japan, all the big games are flopping . (with SSBB and SMG), being the expections

desolationstorm3861d ago

Hope Ninja gaiden sells in america, but I expect it to. Looks like a pretty good game.

killer_trap3861d ago (Edited 3861d ago )

i truly believe action games are more suited to the big screen, GOW included. they just lose a lot of their charm on a 2 inch set. i think a lot of Japanese people agree with me(judging by the sales).

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The story is too old to be commented.