How Can Nintendo Improve On The Wii U?

OriginalGamster's take on how Nintendo can improve upon the Wii U, and make it a success.

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Bumpmapping3789d ago

Games and a $ drop and actually advertise it quick! The new Xbox is going to be revealed tomorrow E3 is right around the corner.Nintendo should be in panic mode its there last chance to gain some momentum before the holiday season this year.If not I see another Saturn/Gamecube for them.

OmegaSlayer3789d ago (Edited 3789d ago )

WiiU's not doomed, it just need games LOL
But not third party ones. :p
It just needs Mario 516 >______<

ABizzel13788d ago

Your logic is the exact reason why 3rd parties are abandoning the Wii U ship.

1. It needs 1st party games (Mario/Zelda/Pokemon/SSB/Metro id/etc...)
2. Better support from gamers for 3rd parties.
3. Vastly improved online network
4. A $50 price drop would help
5. A game that really demonstrates the consoles uniquness

yugovega3788d ago

For a just released console it has plenty of 3rd party games.
I've yet to understand all the hate towards the wiiu online because it works perfect and has it's own web community.
It has a games that shows the console unique features like nintendoland, batman and lego undercover.
And first party games are coming starting next month with game and wario and will continue regularly until the holidays and beyond.
And a price drop really isn't needed. It could be $100 and ps fanboys still would say it's too high.

iamtehpwn3789d ago

Wii U needs 1 thing more than anything: Games. There is just nothing to play.

Myst3789d ago (Edited 3789d ago )

I think the main thing right now is pretty much games and that is the main thing it needs. Granted the system is better than the Wii miles better and I enjoy that but at the same time no one can deny it needs some lovin'. It's no different from some other launches but this time around most of the games out now are ports from it's competitors systems and a few of it's own. While Monster Hunter and ZombiU are fun and quite addictive I might add it just wouldn't be enough to entice some others; and while I'm sure some love the Italian plumber still many are probably getting kind of tired of seeing him.

What about the older franchises it once did F-Zero ( gosh I sound like a broken record ). Kirby where is that pink snuggly thingy? They could easily make a game similar to Kirby Super star with four players or hell return to Zelda Four Swords and make that happen! Lots of ideas that Nintendo could do and many of which revolve around some old ideas they had done before that would work perfectly on this system; yet they seem to be more focused on something different at the moment.

In terms of Third party I would love to see a Crystal Chronicles. I mean now I don't have to use a GBA to play and could just use the pad. Come on lots of potential on the system itself but just unrealized at this point.


A few things from the article itself. I think the Mii customization is fine at least for now. It's not something that really needs to be TOO deep now especially since it certainly isn't a system seller. MiiVerse though if people knew of it would probably be so? The only thing is it should get more integration with something like perhaps twitter? I mean the limit they restrict you with is about the same if I recall?

I also am in favor of the Pro controller though I'm still using mine from the MHtri bundle on the Wii; I hope that other games will allow me to continue using it. If not please for the love of all that is good please continue using the pro.

jc485733789d ago

show that you care for a particular genre that has been on the dying phase of extinction. There are two genres they can concentrate on if they play their cards right and yes, I am referring to JRPGs and Survival Horror. There was once a time when Nintendo used to be one of the best consoles to play RPGs on and I think they can take up the thrown again.

madjedi3789d ago

Yeah that ended after the snes.

"There was once a time when Nintendo used to be one of the best consoles to play RPGs on and I think they can take up the thrown again."

That day is dead and gone, look on their handhelds for jrpgs. Se didn't even bother to put a main line ff game on nintendo console before they walked off a cliff this gen.

jc485733788d ago

where there is no chance, there is always a glimpse of chance. other consoles are flooded with shooters and I think Nintendo can take that to their advantage if they focused on something else rather than doing the exact same thing as other consoles are doing.

madjedi3787d ago

Nintendo can't even get it's main franchise titles at a respectable rate, taking on a whole other genre they aren't used to isn't happening, beyond monosoft/lith.

Having to be "different" is what lead to the wii u, and it's odd priorities.

"flooded with shooters" Just as jrpgs were popular last gen, shooters are this gen. Both the ps3 and 360 have several rpgs and jrpgs not sure, how that would make nintendo stand out.

There is a finite set of genres, i haven't seen anything from nintendo that is a radical departure from previous generations.

I see the same suspects in the wii u's future lineup that existed in previous gens change 1 or 2 games around here or there.

It is possible that it is just a nintendo box, that appeals to nintendo fans.

_QQ_3789d ago

Nothing, Nintendo is doomed, now where are my bubbles?

BitbyDeath3789d ago

In the hands of better commenters :-p

OT: Wii U needs a name change and Ninty need to mend relationships with 3rd parties.

Grimhammer003789d ago

Games sure....but what about a robust online and third party support. And it needs to be on par with the other big players. And it's so very not.

So yeah. Doom.

Will it bankrupt Ninny? Hell no.
But ninny will need to accept that they are not the console maker for mature gamers. (Yes mature gamers will enjoy it....some will.)

From a business view.....it's currently an utter disaster. And if I was a shareholder I'd be looking for blood!

FlyingFoxy3789d ago

Well, it seems Nintendo got a bit bigheaded with sales of the Wii, so they thought they could do the same with the Wii U by not giving it better specs. I actually saw this coming when they overpriced with the 3DS anyway.

Not to say they are bad consoles or anything. Mario 3D land looks fine graphically and it does the job, but looking at Lego City compared to whats on PSP is a bit disappointing. Tons of fog.. not even GTA on PSP had it like that.

3rd parties that complain don't like the specs of the machine. It is closer to last gen than next, i just don't get why they didn't put in a quad core cpu instead of the tri core because this would've been cheap to do anyway, and would've pleased more devs that say it's cpu is weak.