Deca Sports Interview & Exclusive New Screens

When sports games come to mind, it usually leads to thoughts of basketball, soccer, or one of the other nationally (or internationally) successful sports. Gamers love kart racing, as evidenced by the success of Mario Kart, but rarely do people think of it as a sport. Same with archery. Figure skating, on the other hand, isn't exactly the kind of game you'd see a big, burley BioShock fan watching on a Sunday afternoon. (Not with the windows wide open, at least.)

The one thing these sports have in common is that each speaks to a specific audience. It was that ideal that made them the perfect candidate for Hudson Entertainment's Deca Sports. "Yes they are vastly different sports," said John Lee, Vice President of Sales and Marketing. "That was our design goal, to ensure we capture all sorts of flavor in the sporting world. Every sport uses the Wii remote in a unique yet intuitive way.

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